Reposting because somebody moved OP: Move bones in Pose Mode

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Reposting because somebody moved OP: Move bones in Pose Mode

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I posted this yesterday but somebody moved it to an area about things that really belong in the BlenderArtists area. This is about animation of a rigging. I thought the artists area was for questions about creativity, style, etc. So whoever moved it, please at least explain why and who you are.

Blender 2.66

I made a simple rig to try to learn about pose mode, pose library, etc. I added a single bone and then in edit mode, I extruded one bone and repeated to make a total of four connected bones. I went into pose mode, added a pose in the library named it 'rest'. But when I wanted to move the bones from the straight (rest) position, they wouldn't move. The manipulators are there, but they did nothing. I also tried using keys G,R and S but nothing. I went back to edit mode and I could move the bones, then back in pose mode and added a new pose to the library, named it 'curl'. But then the 'rest' pose was the same as the curl pose and no way to animate. This is extremely simple because I am just learning about rigging, armatures, bones etc. Is this a bug in 2.66 or am I not doing something right? I have watched several video tutorials, and they were all able to move the bones in pose mode, which seems the way it's supposed to be. I don't think any of them were using 2.66 though, so maybe it's a problem with the new version. Otherwise it has to be done differently in 2.66 compared to the tutorials.

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Questions about using Blender go in the User Forums (at ).

Questions about developing Blender go in the Development Forums (here).

We are simply getting around to making that distinction clear. It is nothing personal.