How exchange part of body without loosing weight values

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How exchange part of body without loosing weight values

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I would like to exchange a part of body. So that I have tuned a bit it (clavicles, arms and a little of spine) in another tool instance and then export to my project and do CTRL+J with my main mesh (I linkem them) and now I have something like that:

Now the question is how to exchange this body with existed one but without loosing a weight values which I applied in weight paint mode. I spent about week on my work and I don't want to start from the beginning. So that:
- replacing vertices by removing old ones isn't a good idea, because then the weights of all body is mess up.
- The proper way would be to move the old vertices into position of new ones (new added mesh is some kind of mask to which I tune my old vertices). However it is very hard work, because I have about 2,000 vertices and You now moving one by one is a horrible long task
- select the old mesh and do "remove doubles". It merge my old vertices to new ones but unfortunately the results are not so good. Some of vertices aremerged OK, some not OK.

Do You have any other idea???

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