Question : Simple lattice animation of a cube

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Question : Simple lattice animation of a cube

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I found a small easy tutorial about animating a lattice to shape a cube. It is easy and I have no problem with it. I also saw that I can combine 2 shape keys to merge the animation but the issue is I can't shape it like I would like because the shape I make must be on the cube (without any change).

I'm trying to make a simple test, have a small cube make it big (easy for now) and then add a roof. Nothing fancy, a simple pyramidal roof.
The issue is here : When I make the roof on the small cube it won't be as I want once the animations to make the cube bigger are done.

Look :

Shape key (roof) :

Final shape (all the key merged) :

What is my mistake ? Or should I use another way to animate it ?

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