cycles rendering trouble

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cycles rendering trouble

Post by terorist_popcorn »

Every time I render anything in cycles, the image is full of grain on some parts. Some say that's normal, when it's not normal at all. How can I fix it and make it a nice smooth picture?

I dont know much about cycles so if you can help, please explain in details. :)

My gpu: geforce GTX 670

cpu: i7 3770k

an example of a rendered cup (sort of)


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Re: cycles rendering trouble

Post by farbw3rk »

in the render-settings, go to "sampliing" and adjust the samples for "Render". it defaults to 10 - try 20, 40, 60, ... step-by-step.
for a final render the samples will be in a 3-digit area for sure, if not 1000+, depending on your scene and scene-lighting.

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