New spe (python editor) test version for Blender2.28

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New spe (python editor) test version for Blender2.28

Post by stani » Sat Aug 02, 2003 8:58 pm


Back from holiday, I decided to make a quick update for spe to be compatible with:
- blender 2.28
- wxPython

These requirements are hard. This version of Spe won't run anymore with Blender 2.27 or an other version of wxPython. So please upgrade to these versions, before testing Spe.

If you want to receive a test version by email, please post a message with your email on on the developpers forum of spe: ... rum_id=104
Than I will send you the test version of spe by email.

I also noticed that blenpy needed a lot of fixes, which I did. Now Spe and Blenpy are running smoothly on my laptop (Windows XP, Pentium IV 1.7ghz, 512mb)
It's quite nice to discover the new Python API of Blender 2.28 through Blenpy or Spe Blender browsers. I included a Blender html file in spe\doc which describes the new API.
Before installing it, uninstall the previous version of spe by removing the directories spe, blenpy and sm of the site-packages directory.
For detailed changes, see spe\spe_changes.txt
Please give me feedback as soon as possible, so I can post the new version on the Blender project website.

Thanks for your (possible) interest,

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