Intersecting collision and cloth objects - exploding physics

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Intersecting collision and cloth objects - exploding physics

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Hi everyone,

I am using Blender programmatically to serve as a physics engine.

So the usual scenario involves importing an object into Blender, applying the "collision" physics property to it, importing another object, applying the "cloth" physics property to it and then advancing the current frame to "simulate physics" of the second object draping over the first.

This is all done autonomously, i.e. no user interaction and no Blender GUI.

The problem I am having is that sometimes the cloth object intersects with the collision object, i.e. the cloth partially exists within the collision object. This results in the borderline faces to be blast out into space when then the physics simulation occurs.

So I am gathering that my current setup requires the cloth object to never intersect with the collision object, in order to achieve desired results and avoid this explosion of faces issue.

I was just wondering whether there is anything I can do within Blender that will somehow alter or stretch the cloth object (to ensure it doesn't intersect with the collision object), so that the physics simulation goes to plan again? E.g. Could I apply some sort of force field between the collision and cloth objects to ensure the cloth object is immediately stretched around the collision object when simulation begins?


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