Animation from text file

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Animation from text file

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Hello, I am pretty new to blender and even newer to python. I was wondering if someone could help me out with this problem. Thanks in advance!!

I have bunch of text files that contain same structure and each text file is an animation take for a humanoid character bones. In the beginning of each file each bone gets "declared" and then each frame of the animation is "flagged" with "Time #" and after the flagg each bones rotation and position value is printed on it's respective line. This structure is repeated until the animation frames reaches the final frame.

Some of the text files have specific it's own Rigg but the structure is the same.

here is how one of the text files look:

I was thinking that a script would be nice to import each text file on at the time applying it to the Rigg then exporting the rigg as a FBX then back to blender removing the animation from the rigg and applying the next one.. still kinda tedious but thats the simplest way I would think is.

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