Objects changing their position or not during the Animation

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Objects changing their position or not during the Animation

Post by Akos »


I'm trying to improve an exporter from blender (exporting animation). The exporter is working, the only problem is that for every frame he exports all the mesh data (which takes a late of space if the scene is a complex one).

But the most of the objects are not changing their position/form during the animation, so it's pointless to export it again and again.

I was wandering if there is a flag for every object that will show me if the object is changing during the animation or not.

If somebody has a bit of experience in the area, i would be delighted to have his opinion.


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Post by CoDEmanX »

There are is_updated and is_updated_data, but i dont think they are useful for your purpose.

You probably need to check the values of certain properties like location and skip the frames with no channges
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