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Blender Conference 2003

Post by ton »

Its about time... :)
De Waag in Amsterdam offered to host it again. That would be awesome, and saves me from organizing work (it's close to where i live). We've got options for fri-sun weekends 24-26 oct or 31-2 nov. My preference is the first, to establish the tradition (oct was source launch!).

The main disadvantage is that the space is not really big. With 125-150 attendees per day we're full. If we also want to incorporate a good program for artists and newbies, we might easily attract several hundreds more people.
On the other hand, organizing such a large scale conference is most likely very hard todo in a short time without bigger organization backup...

This year we can do a much more focussed program, after 1 year of development the issues have matured. So, think of OpenGL2 stuff, shaders, Cg, Solid, bugfixing, architecture, presentations on specific blender modules, masterclasses by power users, Blender3, GUI design, Verse, etc. I want more hands-on machines, and real courses if possible.

My proposal would be to focus for this conference on issues that also reflect; so about development in general. Blender artists definitely are very welcome, we need each other to make Blender!

I'll have to decide on this shortly, please feedback me on what you'd expect from a 2003 conference.
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Post by S68 »

Mmmm.. this time I must really find a way to come...


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Post by Goofster »

S68 wrote:Mmmm.. this time I must really find a way to come...

Maybe if you commit enough document changes you can apply for "Head representative of DocBoard" and get a free trip ;)

Then again, Bart can apply for that too, and he's a bit closer :D


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Post by @ndy »

count me in!
this year we should have more artist/modeling/blender usage courses.
and de waag again... whoooo :D

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Post by Timothy »

I hope I'll be able to make it again.

I'd expect the conference to be much like last year, but as you said a bit more emphasis on Blender Development, though the artist side is very important and should still very much be present.
Would be nice if more computers were available though!
And one thing which would be very nice is if the foundation could arrange cheap sleeping facilities.
I would guess 50 or so people a night would make use of that?

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Post by djfuego »

Yep I'll have to take some holiday off work. I could actually make it this time round :) cool!

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Location: adelaide

Post by levon »

how bout having the next one in australia :D :D :D :D :D:D:D:D:D:D

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Post by ton »

Last year there were a couple of parallel sessions too.
When the final date is being confirmed (next wednesday) I'll open a special forum here for conference participants and parallel session initiatives.

BTW: De Waag has expressed a preference for the 2nd weekend... so most likely it will be oct 31 - nov 2.

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Post by Haunt_House »

S68 please come. I'd like to meet you. Yesterday I heard of the announcement and since then I try to work some miracles (money and 3d content)

Organized sleeping would be cool.

Haunt_House :arrow:

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Post by TheFallenWeeble »

I missed the last one. I do not plan on missing this one. Flights aren't too expensive if booked early, and I'll have a place to stay. I'm partial to the first choice of dates, but please decide and post your decision soon so I can plan properly.

Regarding what goes on in the conference, I think the development discussions should carry as much weight as the artist ones (and planned well enough that I can attend both :D ).

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Post by ton »

OK. Here we go:

date: fri-sat-sun oct 31 - nov 2.
Amsterdam, de Waag

Tentative schedule:

9:00: door open
11:00: program starts
20:00: blender movie/art festival

10:00: program starts
20:00 dinner & party in former brewery

10:30: program starts
18:00: closing reception, drinks + snacks
20:00: end

Things to expect:
- workshop room with 15-20 computers to work at and do classes
- main theatrum with continuous presentations
- one or two rooms with sessions/discussions

Things we try better now:
- get a sponsor (or rent PC's) for workshops
- organize cheap & good sleeping locations
- we'll end sunday 6 pm, to allow people to be back at work monday or save one night hotel
- party dinner together allows people to order themselves, so fits wich each budget. :)

Although in 2002 several volunteers helped out with stuff, it was too cumbersome to find people to help with the more boring jobs... the program is also too good to miss things! So I'll hire a couple of people, especially for catering, doorwatch, shop, tickets.
Mainly for that reason I'll ask entrance fee:

-> 50 euro for three days
-> 25 euro for a single day

This will include a good lunch and thee/coffee/milk/sodas/beer. Plus a couple of drinking tickets for saturday evening party.

I'm preparing info & article for frontpage now, here you'll be able to subscribe, see the program evolve, etc. Just like last time, most presentations will be done by the attendees... so, think of something! :)


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Post by jd-multi »

Cool way too meet some another blender users. But this year I can't come, has got some extreme much school work, so maybe next year :( .

Ton, The place where the conference will be is just for 100/125 people? Why not hire a part of Ahoy Rotterdam, or Brabanthallen, they've got much space for hunderds of people. Btw, we can also get a little stent (stent in nl, don't know english word for it, lol) on a PC Discount in Ahoy Rotterdam, where they sell software, hardware, and computers, even some companies promote there software on the PC Discount, why not get blender there? We can sell some tees, and books about blender, and promote blender, or even get better, get volunteers to develope blender or just some users :D. Should be cool do do,

Website Ahoy R'dam:
About the next PC Discount:
And about what exactly PC Discount is about and where is will be:

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Post by ton »

I prefer to keep the scale of this event small, for as long the main organizing comittee is 1 person; me! :)

Organizing a general 3d event, more targeted at courses and workshop for users and beginners might easily attract 300-500 people, and will make it quite a big business to get orgnized. Someone else should do that... or we can do when sufficient subdsidy gets in for the Foundation.

Same applies for ideas to join "PC days". Anyone interested in doing so, should do that! I'll be happy to assist with goodies, shop stuff, advice, publicity.

(BTW; it's "stand" in dutch, not stent. English: "booth")

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Post by jd-multi »

Yep, we can also get some volunteers to let them go with some blender stuff to a pc day, and let them promote blender, like bacardi promotes his drinks with beautyfull girls on the beach, we need some beautyfull girls for promoting blender :D (lol)

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Post by eskil »

Hi, long time no posts. But yes i am still alive.

And there is a new version of the verse code out there along with a port of connector for verse 2.0. find it at

My intention is to show up at Bc03 too and if there is an interests i can give one or more introductions to verse coding. After the springs discussion on verse i shouldn't need to have a huge "what is verse" introduction, and that means more coding fun! verse 2.0 is starting to become stabile and we are also getting some useful developer tools (enough, connector and good print outs) in order too.

What do you think?


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