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Ender wrote:I did, and it’s nice to see it. :D Unfortunately, I can’t seem to rotate the 3d view with my middle mouse button anymore... :? (BTW I’m on Mac OS X 10.3)
Same trouble here, I'm using an Intellimouse Explorer ( Wireless mouse of gods ) and I realized that it would be very nice if we could get some kind of compatible solution to use the wheel as m3. In the Intellimouse control panel I can map the button to a keystroke, so I'm assuming that if we could bind some key other than alt+shift/ctrl to rotate/move ( like [ and ] ) then this would give us Mac users the ability to act just like our counterparts.

Come to think of it, why aren't all the keyboard shortcuts in this app stored in the user .blend? Seems like you could allow users to split up their workflow into different user configs ( via the new themes ) and have separate rigs for Animation, Boning, Texturing, etc.



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I have been using blender 2.3pre for my work,
Just a word of warning-
UNDO in edit mode Looses UV co-ords.

I like the new blender, just wont use undo.

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M@dcow wrote:And the "optimal" view in subsurf mode is a work of genius :shock:
it looks just like lightwave...but i do hope theyll implement setting this option, and others, to all objects selected....imagine selecting a bunch of objects and subsurfing them before exporting, instead of doing so manually on every object separately.....or assigning materials this way instead of joining all the meshes and then separating.... 8)

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Ctrl-C can be used to copy the subsurf settings from the Active object to the selected object. As of now, this doesn't copy the Optimal subsurf setting, but I guess it would be trivial to add.

Ctrl-L can be used to link datablocks (including materials) from the active object to the selected objects (it can also be used to link objects to other scenes).

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This thread is broken for me (no, not you matt :wink: ) !
Page 6 is not showing up (says page 6 of 5 etc) and tomingham (top of the page, 4 posts up) has 0 posts!! :?

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