Why is Python so picky in 2.25????

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Why is Python so picky in 2.25????

Post by t_revs » Fri Oct 25, 2002 12:18 pm

Can someone PLEASE tell me why Python has changed so much in Ver2.25 and why just about nothing Python works!!!!.
I am a comparative newbie to Python but surely if I make a Python programme in 2.23 is should be close to running in 2.25.
It seems to be picky little things like say

mat = Blender.Material.Get('Halo') works in 2.23
but I think the - Get - has to be changed to - get - in 2.25.

Is there a list of these silly changes out there?
It would be a great help to us struggling newbies as I would prefer to just learn ONE version of Blender Python - that is Ver 2.25.

Gripe over but help would be appreciated.


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Get get

Post by markluffel » Sat Oct 26, 2002 12:39 am

<edit>Sorry, this is untrue. The Get I saw was for global variables. I thought I had tried them out.</edit>
There is a "get" and a "Get" in 2.25. Both seem to work the same, but I assume you are only using this as an example.
There will eventually be some order out of the Python API chaos, probably more than the NaN days. It might be worth some of your time to start an API specification that could be used by the coders. It would be a good use of someone's time.
You can also check the "Interactive Python" thread for a nice way to use blender python the way you would the cli interpreter. Just "dir(Blender)" and continue on down until you find what you are after. You might also use pydoc on it.
[ I tried, but since the internal blender python is 2.0 and my python libs are 2.2, it choked. ]

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