texture baking

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texture baking

Post by eon »

i'm an architect and would like create realistic interior environment in the blender game engine. I found the radiosity+vertex colors very useful and quite nice but it lacks of textures for more details. Is a texture baking function like in 3dsmax or lightwave planned? In the viewport i could see a correct result with radiosity solution+textures but not in the engine.

Thanks for your support and long life to blender

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Post by dreamsgate »

the game engine requires either Vertex painting or UV maps to be applied.

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Re: texture baking

Post by z3r0_d »

eon wrote:Is a texture baking function like in 3dsmax or lightwave planned?
if it were it would not exactly be what you want, the textures created would be too large

for the game engine you will want to uv texture the environment
(also don't the the radiosity solution increase the number of polygons too much)

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Post by beatabix »

i think what he means is precodural textures and image maps could be baked into UV coordinates and corresponding textures. If results were too high res, then photoshop could whip them down to 128*128 or whatever.

This is quite a standard feature with other 3D software, though i doubt it is an easy function to code.


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