Armature inconsistency

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Armature inconsistency

Post by reimpell » Wed Feb 11, 2004 11:53 am

After the UI redesign, one of the next big projects should be dedicated to blender's Actions. Since I did not find any proposal other than "TBC" I like to point out some problems with the current status:

(1) Within the Python interface, there is no direct way to get the IpoCurves of a Bone. This is especially disadvantageous for export scripts. Currently you have to compare Ipo names with bone names.

(2) Ipo names are restricted to 21 chars. This is especially bad for Armature animation: Think of a baked action 001 for a sided bone, an Ipo is named "Action.BAKED.Bone.R.001". But this name is already too long. So to get consistent Ipo names, your bone name can be no longer than 2 chars.

(3) Action Ipos are not named consistently, e.g. an Ipo for "Action.001" is named "Action.bone.001" but an Ipo for "Action.BAKED" is named "Acton.BAKED.bone". This way "Action.001" is not addressable with Action Actuators.

(4) The overall handling of multiple animations (e.g. walk, jump) is bad. For example try:
- add armature
- in pose mode: insert key
- in action editor: add new action (Action.001)
- in ipo curve editor: change assignment Action.Bone.001 to Action.Bone and back again (works)
- in ipo curve editor: delete Action.Bone.001 and try to assign Action.Bone or even a new action ipo curve to that bone (fails)
Or another examble:
- try to reproduce "Figure 10. NLAWindow" of the blender community documentation.

Kind regards,

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