cheating for speed!

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cheating for speed!

Post by Darqus »

this post is more or less a feature suggestion list for ways to improve speed by cheating in yafray.

(for animations) *store radiosity and GI data for static scenes. - walkthroughs and flyarounds will litterally fly - blender has this but it isn't nearly as beautiful.

* separate area lights from photon lights - more often than not you aren't going to need a total radiosity sollution for animations, it looks great and is wonderful to have as an option but the complexity of it all really slows things down. ... 000005.jpg was made entirely without GI and went blazingly fast at that!

* a photon requirements calculator - shouldn't be to hard to figure out. ie - how many verticies does the scene contain, how many bounces etc.

and lastly * a render preview - is always nice to have around to tweak things...

anyone else have any suggestions about cheating for speed?

just my £0.1

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Post by macouno »

Nice ideas.... personally I'd like a button where you can select whether or not textures get rendered at all. Since I'm doing a lot of anim stuff, I also do a lot of preview animation renders for which I don't need a lot of quality or textures.

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