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make fullscreen button

Post by birras »

well i just have to let it out:
it me off having to use the keyboard, when i used to just do the same with one quick klick....specially because i have to use my hands to do so,ctrl arrow up/down, arrg. my left hand is a little slow so i have to get my hand off the mouse and it results that changing to fullscreen and div. views is now far slower than it used to be and really slows down my workflow!!!!!!!!!!
the make fullscreen button was really cool switching screens
so by any chance , if there are more users out there feeling the same, please give me some feedback!!

sorry, i know i should have posted this there ... &offset=50

but could not lock in.... :?:
so if anyone would do it...pls.
quick calculation:
taking your hand off the mouse everytime you change to fullscreen view will cost around one second....60xdoing so, well over a week/month...
time is money


is there a chance to get it back?? pls,pls pretty pls, with cream and sugar on top :D
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Post by Carnivore »

There is a fullscreen button in the upper-right corner of the blender window. If you mean the ctrl+up "fullscreen modelling mode", as I call it: the first thing I ever learned about using Blender - keep one hand on your keyboard and the other on the mouse. Now hard is it to press the combo with one hand?

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Post by birras »

i really like development, and i have to congratulate everybody for there great work, but to take away this button was a major step backwards!
now the objective for the new interface was to gain ease of use and there are now far more options to use the mouse instead of the keyboard (which i´m not using) .....anyway
the question is not that it is possible to use just one hand, but that a really useful tool was taken away , while others (not so usefull ) where added

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Post by jesterKing »

In the header of the window you want to maximise:

View >> Maximise Window


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Post by birras »

1=click view
2=scroll up the menue
3=click again
it used to be : "click"

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Post by jesterKing »

but no using hands :]


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Post by birras »

i don´t mind using the keyboard!!
thanks to the really intelligent keyboard-shortcuts blender has an incredible fast workflow compared to other apps, where you have to do what i just,click,n´click again.......well, with blender we can be fASTER AND MORE EFFICIENT!!
it´s just that this botton really speedet up things and now its gone,making place for a submenue ,which none of us uses(lets be honest)
there is plenty of space, and it would definately be realy easy to place a small button somewhere :idea: :idea:

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Post by poutsa »

birras you are Right.!!....where is the small House button to maximaze Full View the Window in Blender 2.32?
Its to Hard to use this two buttons with Fingers or to go and Click....go up to the Option Maxim. and select and Click again.
I think in Blender 2.25 Publisher you can Min and Max to the Full or Tile window Faster with this small House Button.

I agree this is a Step backwards...!!

Sorry for my English!!!

:P Vassilios

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Post by sten »

and to use fullscreen Blender (without borders...)

ALT+UpArrow (back to borders: ALT+DownArrow)

I can't see how less quick it is to use both hands with CTRL+UpArrow ?

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Post by birras »

split the interface in 4 , open it with an older version version -up to 2.28
now switch between div. views or windowtypes............

do the same with a newer have to klick in the window and then use the keybord............

i don´t know how you guys are doin´it, but in my opinion..this is slower!!

development should go in the direction of more ease of use and not the other way around

it´ll be obvious when comparing
i could program a little more than just some loops,
then i´d change it myself
because it cant be more than 10 lines to get this function back where it used to be
any hints how i could achieve that?...........i dont mean how to learn how to program, but where to change the code and how :roll:

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Post by theeth »

birras wrote:do the same with a newer have to klick in the window and then use the keybord............
You don't have to click in a window to give it focus, you just need to move the mouse pointer over it.

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Post by phase »


Yes, I agree with you both and think that the new interface is a lot of steps backwards.

Many buttons are missing from the window headers, for example I use the four IPO type
buttons a lot to rapidly change curves... they are now hidden in a nasty pull-up menu.

Also, the old Toolbox was much friendlier... Navigating through it required less mouse
movements and the options were always at the same location. And the selected options
were remembered for nex time.
The current toolbox is sweet, but like all other popup menu's in Blender currently, it is
impossible to anticipate with and very RSI sensitive.

It would be nice if some parts of the old interface can be restored in future Blenders, or
that they can be requested in the userpreference window.


I miss S X too.

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Post by birras »

well i found this ... ng2.0.html
it´s just....i´m an artist not a programmer :oops:
but i ´ll look deeper into it.........any hints anyone....pls
it can´t be that difficult to have a build, changing the view menue(useless in my case...i never ever use it) with the old functions fullscreen/homebutton
it,s propably just a matter of deleting some lines(new view sub-menu function) and replacing it with some old-code ..........done!
can´t be that much of an ordeal ?!
wouldbe cool to have a personalized version build, which really speeds up your workflow!!
PHASE mentions things are less obvius now and you have to know where some functions used to be in order to use them...i don,t know if this is going to help new users in the learning prozess.
when 2.28a came out it was the first foundation release having my worked allright,was stable. ...and i stopped using the publisher....
to be honest, i don,t ave this solid, stable feeling with the 2.3x releases so far...and well the interface takes some getting used to, but in my opinion it is far from being a finished project and in development, so any improvement would only be helpfull to us
the enduser

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Post by Monkeyboi »

It's not so much weather it is hard or not, it's more that not everybody agrees that this is a step backwards. The View menu includes loads of functions that were only available through keyboard shortcuts before, thus making them invisible to users. The old header was crowded with some functions (while others were only accesable through the keyboard), now all the functions are there, available in menus. Can't remember/don't know a function/shortcut? Check the menu! Then, execute it on the keyboard which is faster, or from the menu if you like. I think this is a rather good system, being both fast and easy.

However I seem to remember hearing about something on Blenders long todo list where you would be able to customize the header and add custom buttons to it. When this is done you can add your fullscreen button.

remember that there may be space for an extra button when you only have one or two views open, but with more than that there isn't really that much space.

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