bf-blender / Windows (2004/04/03)

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bf-blender / Windows (2004/04/03)

Post by gabio »

A new build for today

bf blender 2004 / 04 / 03

A new build is available

New in the cvs:


Eesho's patch for new noise textures!

Basically this provides three new things:

1. Choice of a list of noise-base functions, which can be used by the
current Clouds, Marble, Wood textures as well.
2. Three new texture types: Musgrave, Voronoi and DistortedNoise
3. Python access to noise functions (not for render!)

All of this together makes Blender's builtin procedural textures a LOT
more powerful. Here again, a full webpage should be made to show off all
possibilities, and explain some of the more scientific names for settings.

A good read on Musgrave textures can be found here:
About Voronoi:
I can't find official DistortedNoise docs easily... maybe its something
Eeshlo created himself.

I've spent some time to change the patch Eeshlo provided. Worth noting:
- created main texture "Musgrave" with 5 sub choices (instead of 5 new
main textures)
- added for all new textures the option to scale (zoom in out)
- added patch in do_versions to initialize variables

I hope the Python team will check on the Noise.c API. And include in docs!

- bug fix #1086
using backbuffer, and having an odd number of lines in image, skipped the
last one to fill in backbuffer...
An oldie!

Python API update. Again by Anders Nilsson.
* Addition to the Object module.
obj.getActionIpos(). This method will return a dict with all ipo keys.
Only works when the Object is an armature.

well... not too much but i had to build one for the gama engine, the one of jesterking is sooo slow...

Here is the link: A new build is available
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Post by GFA-MAD »

Great Great GREAT :D :D
-The game engine works very well
-Those new procedurals texture are an important step for Blender because with some work, al LOT of new textures can be done.
-The only thing missing is the new occlusion light. This feature is important for GI, but also to add dirt to objects (a great effect)

Thanks for this great build


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Post by nonoma »

:shock: WOW ....
It's a great build


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Post by @ner »

cool! thanks gabio :D

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Game Engine Notes

Post by Saluk »

Definately getting close, most things work, theres a few general issues I've seen:

*Some issues with slowdown on added objects (in one case leading to a crash)
*dRot in motion actuators still does nothing
*In several cases, where I tried to convert dRot to torque, the axis was backwards (left before became right, right before became left) and in these cases I also seemed to have more physics errors than in cases that already used torque or AngV. Makes me think there is a load error or something.
*Some physics errors, things falling through the ground on startup.

If sumo is the default physics (I.e, when no world is selected), the gamelogic buttons should be visible by default as well.

I am having trouble finding the "view axis" button. Did it disapear?

I've uploaded some of my old blends I have been testing with. I also have docs that explain what is wrong with them. ...
or ... tGames.rar

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Post by Saluk »

Just wanted to add, this is the first version of OpenBlender that will run my flagship project CrescentDawn. It uses dynamic loading of the level through add objects, and is considerably slower than 225 during the loading, but other than that and the no drot problem, it appears to perform identically.


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Post by Monkeyboi »

It's great, but what happenedto the AmbOcc GI light? It's gone again! The new textures look amazing, I'll just go back to playing with them.

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Post by yamyam »

Thank you Gabio and Kester.

- linV speed is slow than 2.25 one.
- In UI, I can't see a whole set of LogicBricks because that vertical scroll has a problem in Game Buttons Window. Some Bricks are hidden out of window.

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Post by teachtech »

Everything is starting to work wonderfully! The speed is getting better and my actors are starting to perform more like the way they should. Will the "Save Runtime" feature be coming back as well?

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Post by llunasol »

Impressive textures addition!! Thanks :D

I'm afraid we all miss the last occlution light!!! :cry: :cry:

Thanks anyway :wink:

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Post by jd-multi »

:shock: Occlution light gone?? No your kidding, I mean, why? will it be in the 2.33 release? it was perfect for game model renders, or cartoony animations. I also hope the save runtime function will be included again, that's make it possible to let people play blender games without using blender. Well anyways, I also found a nice way to let people play blender games without using and runtime.exe or even when they don't have blender. I used a bf-blender build as a game startup. 8)

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Post by theeth »

The occlusion lamp was never included in CVS. It was just a patch that some people decided to include. The code still needs to be cleaned up and the interface counter part needs to be decided (doing it as a lamp is clumsy at best).

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Post by crsrma »

I hope we get more texture channels to work with in the (near) future. I'm gonna go crazy if I can't set up more complex texture blends, especially with these new features.

theeth: Why is the occlusion lamp setup clumsy in your opinion, it seems to make sense to me, it is a light source isn't it?

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Post by llunasol »

theeth wrote:The occlusion lamp was never included in CVS. It was just a patch that some people decided to include.
Ah! :? It's true it's on a bf release.
crsrma wrote:theeth: Why is the occlusion lamp setup clumsy in your opinion, it seems to make sense to me, it is a light source isn't it?
Well, imho it makes also sense for me where it is, I usually place a spot just with the cast "shadows" control on, and now I also added that noise on shadows to have a more renderosity-like shadows. It's likely it can be placed more properly, but it produces excellent results and a lot of people on different forums is very excited about it. It allows to avoid Yafray, having all the advantages to render inside the Blender window (see rendering while it takes place, stop it whenever you want, render just a portion of a scene). Uhmm, well ... :roll:

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Post by pildanovak »

new noises are perfect, but they don't work for displacement for me.

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