OSX game build Scons

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OSX game build Scons

Post by Money_YaY! » Mon Apr 05, 2004 9:06 pm

It is slow, but ave no time to test it much.. Just post what the FPS and stuff like speed numbers are...


still waiting for V's own build to test it against

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Post by farbin » Tue Apr 06, 2004 3:14 pm

Ok, here it goes.

I am no expert by any means, just tiring to help out. If anything seems obliviously stupid or redundant, say so. Just happy to get something new to test!

Apple iBook 500Mhz G3, 193MB Memory, ATI 32MB Video.
(So frame rates are not that great to begin with)

Blender would not start, fresh from the .zip file. Console output complained about SDL libraries. Ran Fink to get the libraries, now it runs.

No sound:
Am I missing more libraries?

dRot does not seem to work in most .blend files I have opened (more specifically, it seems that dRot applied from within a script works, but dRot on a dynamic actor with logic bricks does not (I tested this by turning off "Dynamic" in the Real-Time buttons and dRot then works with the logic bricks).

Script Errors:
I get many, many script errors. Any of the scripts that import the math functions seem to fail on me (I don't have the specific console output in front of me), which in turn is leading to a really slow frame rate for scripts that fire off on every frame (like mouse scripts, culling, etc.)

I did notice that there was a python path set in the user prefs, but changing it and even deleting it made no difference. I still get errors in the console and out the wazoo.

Tested Files:
GameKit: Squish the Bunny - Can't move, can't look, firing weapon just makes a cloud of smoke; SkateGirl - Very bouncy, runs smooth, lots of speed (didn't think of it then but the camera actuator bug is fixed?); Ballercoaster - Slow, couldn't wait for it to get to the top of the first hill; Mech demo: Slightly slow, otherwise OK.

Other Files (from Elysium forums)
Doc Holiday: Fire Demo - Smooth; Gun Demo - Can't move, mouse very jerky; LOD Forest - Startup is slow, no dRot.
Saluk: Canyon Test - Slightly slow (dRot works), no culling (script error); Zelda - Slow (Menu screens blaze by though)
NorJ: AiShoot - CRASH! Could not run; Gravity Room - Actuators do not rotate player.

I total, I didn't spend a whole lot of time (2-3 hours) and I will continue to do so until he next release I can get my hands on.

While I am glad to have a new version to test, the 2 most important things to me at the moment are not working: Sound and setMousePosition(). (The mouse issue might be due to scripting errors).

Ummm. OK, I'm done.

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