bf-blender / Windows (2004/04/25) with Python 2.3.3

User-contributed CVS development builds. Please test and give feedback!

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Post by JoOngle »


I've done some tests with this build, most succesful ones.

Something has changed, and I don't know what it is. It seems to be effecting ray-depth in transparancy, just compare these before/after pictures.

The first image is rendered with the release edition of BF 2.32

The second image is rendered with Ambient Occlusion included in this test release belonging to this thread. Sorry for the bad lighting, still getting to know Ambient Occlusion.


And here's the one with the bugs...rendered with your current renderer belonging to this thread. The RayDepth is unchanged from the previous file. Only changes are in light & Ambient Occlusion added.


The bugs speaks for itself in the images, anything I can do/change in the settings to remove these bugs without interfering with the transparancy?


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Post by crsrma »

This is just a shot in the dark: have you tried rendering with OSA on? It looks like you didn't with the AO image, which I can understand with the higher render times. Maybe you could try test rendering at 75% with OSA*8 or similar.

edit: I actually prefer - overall - what the AO did for your scene. It looks more like real world lighting & less like a staged set with controlled lighting, etc..

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Post by yamyam »

Thank you Theeth for this build!

Blender was crush with my blend file, but I don't know what caused this trouble and I've never gotten any crush again...Perhaps It is caused by the Nvidia driver which was replaced few days ago.

Question: Will the 2.33 official release be included Python23.dll?

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Light setting bug.

Post by pa_furijaz »

Light setting bug.
When the light are changed to an Hemi light
and the previous light have, the button, 'Only shadow' active, the Hemi light, take same result, and the rendering result are Black.

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Post by JoOngle »

crsrma - You're not shooting with blanks, you're right :)

I'll test further and report back. But still...this shouldn't be anyway.
As I read in the OSX thread....Ton appear to have fixed this issue
as it had something to do with skylight??!?! Ok....We'll see in the next release. I'm onto it...testing whatever needs to be tested.

Anyway, I agree about the AO. And yes...that's the comments from other people that have commented on my work
that it simply needed "dirt in the corners" and darkness here and'll add to the beliveabillity of the image itself. I agree wholeheartedly. Thanks for your valuable input!

Feel free to release other test builds.


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