My first ever Blender Wish

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My first ever Blender Wish

Post by odyssey »

Hi all,

This Wish (for want of a better term) is the result of an ongoing development of a number of animations being created for the oil and gas exploration industry.

In the 2nd animation we illustrate a process where steam is forced below-ground and literally injected into the formation which contains hydrocarbons. This was achieved through the use of Blender's particle system ( and lemme say ~ It looks great ! ).

One difficulty however was trying to get a particle stream to flow backward, towards the source polygon. After much experimentation I did achieve a backflow, but not enough to truly achieve what I wanted.
The Next development of the particle system should include a reverse-flow capability .. or (and this may be more readily do-able) ..

..the ability to Render Blender's timeline backwards; that is, instead of rendering from a lower integer to a higher, just transpose the variables (or maybe just a Button to Reverse Render).

My choice would be to have the particle system reverse, this way you'd be able to render both and Intake and Out-Take particle stream.

2nd Wish ..

A counterpart to Blender's Background, where you include a static background image to render with your scene. What I'd like to see is a Foreground image capability; this would be part of the camera lens where you'd be able to include an icon (logo?) that would be rendered as part of the animation process (and would remain unaffected by objects as the camera moves through environments).
I've tried several approaches to this by tagging an icon-object to the camera, but when you (for example) pass through blades of grass, these can affect the icon-object by either cutting through of even at times hiding a portion of it.

Well, that's it .. 2 wishes in .. (hmm) .. six years .. not bad I'd say :lol:

Cheers All

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Post by theeth »

Wish 1: The Time IPO can be used for that rather easily. This works per object and enables you to change the how time flows for this object (bullet-time effect a la matrix are easy to do).

Wish 2: Your best bet for this is to use the Sequence Editor. Just put the logo on top of the scene with an AlphaOver effect.

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