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Re: a billion thanks for all of your input

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scatman wrote:Although I've been using Blender since about ver. 1.8, but I've never owned a Mac, so I'm concerned that I will paint myself into a "lack-of-software-corner" to put it basically.
Lack of software is not really a problem as, as long you have installed X11, almost all linux and unix apps can be ported very easily if source code is available.

Native applications are also available for almost any need you can think of. Of course you may not find exactly the app you were used to, but a fair equivalent is available almost every time. And Mac applications are often of very good quality.

The only true space where macs are behind is games. Many of the main ones exist, but are often ported a bit later.

some good links :

Natives applications :

unix ports
http://darwinports.opendarwin.org/ports/ : 1340 unix softs
http://fink.sourceforge.net/pdb/index.php : 3700 packages

fink has more packages, but an app may be cut in more than one packages, and darwin ports has more choice in some areas.
Darwin ports tend also to be cleaner, IMHO.
fink is a bit easier as it can be used from a GUI app and not the shell.
Honestly, I'm in love with the OS X GUI. I'm still seeking as much informed input about the pros/cons of Blender-ing on a Mac vs. a PC.
that's the real value added of a Mac, the OS.

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Re: PC vs Mac with Blender

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scatman wrote:Hi all. I'm about to get a new computer, but I'm undecided: PC or Mac. If I get a PC, it'll be an AMD 64 FX-53 with 2gigs of RAM (eventually), and if I get a Mac--I'd get the G5 2Ghz dual processor.
I have a P4-2.4 ghz machine and it makes my p3-800 look awful. I won't tell you what it does to the SGI workstations that used to be hot property..
But if you feel adventurous you might look into a Octane with a R10000.
The thing I recall of the SGI's is that they had by far the fastest graphics cards, the bus on an O2 supposedly runs about 2 gigahertz.. But if it weren't for all the proprietary hardware you have to buy that is mostly obsolete by now, it would be pretty useless unless you know a lot about the SGI's. I saw last Octanes going on Ebay for abotu 200-400 dollars.. Those eat P3-550's for breakfast, but its a risk of getting the right one..

If JWalton is still around, he will give you the spiel on these wonderful machines.. May even hook you up.. Anyhow, I suggest a passwordless Irix 6.5 Octane with R10000, maybe 512 to a gig of ram, a 40 gig HD SCSI drive.. Maybe Ton can advise you better, I think he still has one of these somewhere.. Its what blender was originally built to run on.

eh... Bad advice.. Searched for Cesar Blecua, the guy who coined the term blenchmark and found this bookmark dump, mistakenly thought it was his (sorry).. I'll let you decide.. Look under "Octane" for a link to remarketed SGI's..

However, The PC's are your best bet, for maintence and such.. I'd look into the dell specials.. Their support sucks for the el-cheapo variety of "dimensions" but still pretty good for what you get. I bought my machine off ebay, someone made it for me, its fantastic, but cost me about $800 at the time, no warrantee, but hey I haven't had a reason to get it fixed.. I look at getting an SGI octane the same way some people look at getting a jaguar, nice car, um I mean computer, but who wants to put up with the trouble?

Here is that link BTW..

If it turns up dead on arrival, it would be at least pretty nice to have the plastic box on the desk hiding your old PC.. I think having it as a "doorstop" would shoot the point of the nice machine design. Might be comparable to the mac furiniture and worthy of more praise from the mac fiends who still wish for and SGI but can't stand the unecessary complexity of a unix machine.. Well they have OS X now.. After OS X, Irix probably is just a little more work? Ha!! Forget it..

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