New Hotkey list. (Could use better hosting)

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New Hotkey list. (Could use better hosting)

Post by ScottishPig » Mon Nov 11, 2002 3:11 am

An idea came to me when somebody asked for a hotkey list. Those that are out there seem either HUGE htmls with billions of pics on them, or a bit outdated.

I've got a few (self-made) hotkey lists in different formats (all printer-friendly). It took me about an hour to make. Unfortunately the hosting's not great, but it does the trick for now. I've also STARTED a big doc. for general modelling/texturing/rendering as applied to shipbuilding. I'm only on page 10 of that, so it's not expected to be done soon... but as for the 2.25 hotkey lists: (HTML) (PDF)

Obviously, I started with the text, made it into an html then converted to pdf (in that order) ...
I could use better hosting, if it's really of any use.

*Note: There was a .txt version... but I scrapped it.

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