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Gingerbread man/Rigging...can't mirror the armature

Post by flashfyre »

Please help...I'm stuck on page 74 of the "Official Blender 2.3 Guide", Rigging for the gingerbread man.

Step 1. Seems fine. Just add an armature.

Step 2. Confusing to says "SPACE->Add->Armature" but it's really "SPACE->Add->Bone" (We're still in edit mode for the armature from step 1.)

Step 3. Mirroring the armature. The AKEY does what I expect--selects the bones. The Shift-D works, as does ESC. But the sentence "...flip them with the SKEY with Cursor Pivot point and by numerically entering a -1 scale factor along the x direction"...this is kind of gibberish, at least to me. Nothing I try works; it doesn't seem to be like any of the previous mirror operations in the tutorial.

Also it is a little strange the way the title bars along the bottom of the split displays go all shakey when I add an armature/bone. They shake all over the place. Is this normal?

Also, there are a lot of misspellings...a spellcheck would be nice in the future. After all, it's automatic, I would think.

So what are the actual steps to create the armature and mirror the bones properly? Which mode should I be in at each step?

Everything else went fairly smooth util this page. I'm stuck right now.


PS: I'm using version 2.31a pulled from a yum respository on Fedora Core 1, if it makes a difference. I'm having a lot of fun with this great tool.

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Post by teachtech »


I haven't tried out the 2.3 turorials so I can't help you with the specific question. In this thread, we have been discussing a different book for a classroom. I know some features have changed since 2.31. You may want to download the latest version. This may also help with some of the shakey display problems. It sounds like the problem stems from the common problem of video cards and the standard advice I always hear it see if an updated driver is available for your card. It worked for me in my classroom. If I get some time, I can try to give you a better answer. Have you tried over at

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Post by flashfyre »

oops i posted in the wrong thread, sorry. i worked around the issue by just carefully making more bones in the mirror position. thank you, i'll take a look at that website.

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