porting blender to handhelds

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porting blender to handhelds

Post by nihil-00 » Mon Nov 18, 2002 11:41 am

i would be interested in porting blender to my gp32...
it has got a 32bit arm processor, 133 mhz at maximum, 8 mb ram,
it has got the possibility to use smcs as storage medium (128 mb
at maximum, 3.3v), lcd display (tft) with a 320x240 resolution, 65536 colors.

i think this device could have the possibility to run blender, and it would not be too hard to handle the inputs, since the console has got 6 buttons + 8 directions (for the pad).

i don't know how hard could be to do this, and by now i don't have the
needed knowledge (to understand all of the blender code, or to code
in the right way for the gp32) to this. but i hope to acquire those knowledges asap :)

i don't know if this porting could be usefull also for the game boy advance,
but i think that 256kb of memory would not be enough (nor the 18 mhz processor).

the gp32 IS a portable gaming console, but IS also a good development platform, either for its possibilities, and for the fact that is easy to do it (all you need is a smart media card, cause the gp32 can link to the pc trough the usb port, and you can transfer files directly this way)

anyone interested, eventually? (a portable blender :) )

if you need informations about the gp32, i have some links...
(ps: if you are interested in buying it, lik-sang.com sells it for 159 usd, but i think that soon [december?] it will be available in europe [no importing] for 99 usd)

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sorry i didn't filter these out....

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