Blender conference feedback

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Blender conference feedback

Post by flx »

The Blender conference was amazing! :D
All the case studies on several topics showed me in how many different ways Blender is beeing used for and under what points of view people are looking at it.
Some main concepts on working on Blender have been discussed, under technical aspects as well as under organisational and use-Case based aspects.
It even made me realizing the processes the community is involved to (or has to be), and what importance the community has to keep Blender working as an open source project.
Further I even learned quite a few about using blender for character animation and for other purposes.
Thanks again for the wonderful conference especially to Ton, the hard-working team and the whole community and I hope to be able to join the next year's conference too.

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Post by thoro »

Yes, the conference was really a great experience - there was so much to learn and to discover.

Many thanks to Ton and all the coders, to the people who did the organisation (I think you did a very good job, the whole conference felt very well organised and still had a familiar atmosphere) and of course to all the presenters.

As I do mainly use Blender to produce graphics and animations, Bassam Kurdali's sessions about animation in Blender and Alejandro Conty Estévez' lecture about illuminating with YafRay have been very instructive to me - thank you, guys!

Being part of the Blender community and to undergo the evolution of Blender feels very enriching.

Thank you.


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Post by rcas »

I guess you guys said it all.

It was amazing, well organized, very friendly and held in a cosy environment.
It couldn't be better.

Like Ton told me, it was very interesting to see Coders and Designers talking to each other, forming a one group, not small groups of coders and groups of designers. Everyone had that Open Source spirit, very open to new ideas, to discover new things.

Best Conference I have ever been to and hope to be there next year.
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2004 conf

Post by prettymeshedup »

Yeah, the conference was amazing. Blender is definetely more addictive than crack anf the conference was a fix that will keep me buzzin' for months!

As has already been said, eveyone was so open to working together and making Blender the best, kick ass open source 3D app.

I'm so glad I went, definetely the best conference I've ever been to and that must definetely be the open source spirit.

Total transparency.

Big shout to everyone,

Ton, Bassam & Fateh, Leon (Panther), Jiri (Metaballs), Wybrem, Albrecht, Alexandre (3DZINE,COM.BR), Joshua, Torsten and anyone else I spoke to but didn't exchange pleasantries.

Bye for now,

Alan (Scotland).

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