This site needs a FAQ page.

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This site needs a FAQ page.

Post by jmg » Sun Dec 01, 2002 11:49 pm

As I know almost nothing about Blender, I can't help create this faq,.. however, here's a few questions I have (from a total newcomer's perspective) that may be helpflul.

- What was the last version of Blender released by NaN?
- Can I still get this version?
- Is this the version that everyone is using?
- What does "Blender Publisher 2.25" mean?
- Why do the source downloads call it "2.25b"?

- What's the history of Blender? Was it always free as in beer?

- Is there a new buildable version now available since the sources were opened? Is it difficult to get it to build on Linux?

- Should I buy that No Starch Press book "The Blender Book" or is it out of date?

- Why is there a 2nd site called

- What is What are some other blender links I should know about?

Of course, what Blender exactly *is* should be right up on the front page.

If any non-programmer wanted to help, this might be a great way: collect questions like these from the forums (and their answers, sometimes seeking out the experts when required) and create a simple html file to send to the web administrator(s). It would, of course, require some small amount of regular maintenance.

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Post by ton » Sat Dec 07, 2002 2:38 pm

A lot of this information has been restored, and will be put at

Have a preview here:

But, collecting a FAQ is a good idea. :-)

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