Tuhopuu3 / Linux (2005/02/22) update

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Tuhopuu3 / Linux (2005/02/22) update

Post by gabio »

Lotsa merge and a new addition in the UI. Animator will be very excited of this new timeline window, and if the rest of the animation rework is done with such power, "Intuitive" will mean something new for us.
Done with gcc 3.3.5

(edit) the tranform wasn't there for real in the first version

Relevant feature:
-Merge of Blender/cvs 2005/02/20
-Merge of Blender/cvs 2005/02/21
-new icone in message (for real!)
-Better Timeline (1st revision, more to come)

- fix small bug of new splitting of window, window is tested whether it is enough big

Weird, I just had a look at one of Gabios CVS builds on a PC and
noticed that the icons in confirmations/errors were all old and
horrible! My new icons mustn't have gone through in the original
commit, argh!

Anyway, hopefully this fixes it - now I know why Jason sent those
other ones to the list.

Log Message:
Merge of Blender/cvs 2005/02/20

Post merge conflict resolution

* Smallish tweaks in material buttons (thanks for the help, Jason)

* And even smaller tweaks in render buttons

OK, maybe the merge didn't go as smoothly as I had hoped
-- damn transform code! I just copied transform*.[ch] from
bf-blender, and making sure that the new style drawcircball
calls worked.

Log Message:
Merge of Blender/cvs 2005/02/21

Post-merge comflict resolution.

I decided to do another quick merge, or else I think any modification
of the transform stuff would cause a conflict next time around.

* Better Timeline (1st revision, more to come)

http://mke3.net/blender/interface/timel ... ewip02.png
Continuing Ton's earlier abuse in 2.30, the 'Audio Timeline' has
been renamed just to 'Timeline' and given a new icon (though the
audio capabilities still work). Much of this work has been a looong
time coming, and I apologise to Fabrizio (ilac) for the delays in
moving this from concept last year to this.

* Now there are useful controls for start/end/current frame, and
buttons to rewind, play and fast forward in the active time area.
The area before the start frame and after the end is now tinted
out slightly.

* I've also re-done the auto key recording to be actually useful ;)
Rather than being a user preference, it's now a toggle in the
timeline (red record symbol) which can be flicked on and off
quickly, which is really how this is meant to be used. The button
works for both object and action keyframes, and in the future I'd
like to extend this to other keyable things like material

* Keyframes of the active object are shown as little lines in the
timeline. Yellow lines represent object keys, blue lines represent
action keys (anyone have suggestions for this? I used blue since
it's like pose mode). Future ideas are to add a right-click menu
and/or hotkeys for inserting and removing keys here.

* There's a little bit of unfinished code here for another neat
feature that will be properly committed soon. I didn't feel like
tearing my source files up only to have to put it back together
again in the next commit.

* The key recording only works with the OLD transform! Theeth, if
you want to add it to your code, feel free. I didn't know how to -
I suspect this sort of thing hasn't been implemented yet?

* Also a few theme tweaks to go with it (and some unrelated)
A new build is available
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Post by HiNMity »

thumbs up for timeline addition :)

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Post by gauravnawani »

Thanks for the build Gabio.

I seem to have a problem. The touphu is loosing the info of viewport background image some times. A bit better explaination I had a model going on and there is a reference image that i have put up in the viewport background. Some time when I reopen the blend file the background image does not shows up and alo it looses the path info for that image too, while every thing else is fine. Any Ideas?


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