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Blender interactive

Post by Skelet »

Ok here you go...
1) Can blender use a dinamic textures from the web? Fow example a
Texture that's loading in to blender from the net?
2) How to crate a buttons in blender, like button that changing objects alpha 50/75?
3)last thing... Where can I get a manual to read about blender's scripting
(adding my personal buttons e.t.c)?
The Skelet

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Post by S68 »

1) Don't know

2) The interface isn't that flexible. You cannot add buttons in the buttons window, but see point 3

3) There is a Documentation link here on the left, all stuff on Python API is there. You can then build scripts and GUIs, whit all the buttons you want, but they will be located on a different window, the window of the script itself.

I reccomend you to visit

for Questions and Answers on this.


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