Clarity please, WTF should I download?

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Clarity please, WTF should I download?

Post by shish » Mon Dec 23, 2002 7:02 pm

Gah, publisher, creator, keys, licences, source, whatever.

I want to make 3D models and animations, using an unrestricted blender, then I want to distribute my creations freely. I somehow managed to get an old version for windows off some magazine CD, but now I've come for the latest windows and linux versions there's loads more options, where do I go?

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Post by matt_e » Tue Dec 24, 2002 6:52 am

Right here. ... load&cid=2

Download the Blender version for your OS along with the license key file to unlock the options that you used to have to pay for.

As far as I know, you can distribute your creations with it freely.

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