bf-blender / Windows (2005/04/23)

User-contributed CVS development builds. Please test and give feedback!

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blendix wrote:
TorQ wrote:Well, yeah. This is OUR software!! There are have been things recently that have been changing that negatively effect the way I work with this software. Some of them are overlookable but when something is changed that I feel is a big step backward you better bet that I am going to speak up.
Sure, the feedback is appreciated. I personally don't see how this is a "big step backward" really, i find it more efficient this way, when tweaking pins. In my opinion, if you press the wrong key, you just undo.

But it's not that important to me, i can change it back in my next commit.
I rather have the people who mistake themselfs have to do the extra step then the people who know what they are doing.

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DYeater wrote:
gabio wrote:Xtra got updated again. Some tuhopuu script was missing.
I'm getting some weird results with soft bodies (parented soft body objects not moving with the parent ... real crazy stretches ... automatically going to frame 2 when I hit Shift Down Arrow [instead of frame 1] ... stuff like that).

Is this missing file needed? Do I need to get the xtra files as well as the executable (I only downloaded the exe file)?
Having a old Xtra package would not give you these errors.
Can you repeate it?
If so share .blend and/or do a bug report.

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/me whispers *Postdef* button.

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Hey gabio, thanks for the build, please post the blenderplayer too and I will mirror your builds to my server from now on ok? :D

Here are the current files, .exe and xtra files:

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Commented out DOF code that did not have a home yet because it broke
compile. Normally it would probably be best just to wait till Ton committed
but its still pretty early and I didn't want people complaining all night.
Hope its no problem!
Whoa are we getting DOF in the cvs???

I am very excited about it if it is so... I've been waiting for it for ages!!!

let it be so... please :wink:

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