Help getting started programming 3D C++ ?

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Help getting started programming 3D C++ ?

Post by RorrKonn »

I hate being a newbie with stupid questions and I would RTFM if I new where the coding 3D manual was ?
Really want to learn C++ n code 3D.

using Dev-C++ compiler.
Microsoft compiler n directions our a bit much for now.

Started here.
sorta understand's just ya basic 101 this is a "loop,if, "etc etc.
it doesn't tell u how to code 3D.

There's not alot of 3D C++ Tutorials on the web.

Been 3Ding Since 98.
I'm new to coding and can barley get the hello world in DOS to stay on screen.

So I thought Blender would be the place to learn to Code 3D.

Got Blender n Source a .cpp and not a clue what it's for.
our there tutorials to tell ya what each file of .cpp,.h,.c etc etc is for ?

want to learn to code 3D in C++ but not really a clue how to or where to start.
any suggestions on where to start at ?


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Post by ideasman »

Most of the blender internals use C, not C++ (Game engine is in C++)
And when you say '3D' - Do you mean OpenGL? or working with 3d data?

- Just start by tinkering witrh whats there, youll get the idea.

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Post by RorrKonn »

I haven't learned Blender yet so not sure what all tools it does have.
want to make tools.

TS has Polygon draw.LW,C4D does not ... n-Draw.htm

LW will subdivide a Tri,TS,C4D does not. ... i-Quad.htm

C4D has Edge weights.LW,TS Does not ... eights.htm

Really want all these tools in the same app.

Don't know if I should use openGL or 3D Data,to make tools ?
TS,C4D both recommended using Microsoft C++ for making plugs.
is why I thought I alt to lean C++.

I don't just want to make plugs thou.Wouldn't mind to make my own 3D app.

Would like to make hair.
and a Poser like app,not Poser but something like Poser for main 3D App's.
Herd that Blender had something like Poser.


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Post by scourage »

If you're looking for the 3d math tutorials check out:

Also, if you're looking for books, try "3D game Engine Design", "Real-Time Rendering", "Computer Graphics Principles and Practice in C"


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me too...

Post by feedmeastraycat »

I'm a newb programmer as well, coming from a professional 3D background. I've been looking at the site as well, I'm not sure if you noticed but if you scroll down the tutorials page it has a section for OpenGL tutorials, and a section of Rotations In 3 Dimensions (the hard stuff... for us!).

I have a small suggestion for Blender maintainers to ease us programming dopes into the Blender coding world: In the "Building with MSVC7" page on ( make a note to set the Active Solution Configuration to Blender Debug. The default Active Solution for the solution files in CVS is set to 3D Plugin Release. A know-nuthin like me will continue to try to build with 3D Plugin Release active and won't get very far. :)


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Post by ideasman »

Some advice, you can do a LOT very quickly with python, can be good for testing tools before your port to C, and can also help in understanding Blenders internals.

The main problem with python is intergration, so tools you make may not get used that often because there nested away in menues.

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Post by Duoas »

If you want to learn 3D coding, Blender is probably not your best choice as a beginner. It's a fairly complex piece of software and it's not at all obvious how things connect to work. Once you get some experience you'll know better how to examine it, but for starters, I would follow scourage's suggestions.

Check out OpenGL and GLUT libraries. They both work on (nearly) every platform. Also check out It is an indispensable resource, especially if you're having trouble with "hello world". I'd use Borland C/C++ 5.5 which has been released for free. If you want to too and cannot find the right DLLs for it, post here and I'll send them to you.

You can find the OpenGL Programming Guide Third Edition online. You'll need it.

Another useful book is Interactive Computer Graphics Second Edition by Edward Angel. I'm not particularly fond of it, but it does explain a lot of things you absolutely need to know about the modern graphics pipeline.

If you're new to programming, welcome. It's both a frustrating and rewarding experience. My advice: start small. Make a simple animation. Model and texture a simple object (a spaceship or car or something with only a few moving parts).

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