Tuhopuu3 / Mac OS X 10.4 (2005/08/01)

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Tuhopuu3 / Mac OS X 10.4 (2005/08/01)

Post by matt_e »

Download here:

I have a feeling it may not work on < 10.4, but who knows. Somewhat interesting recent commits include:

theeth (Martin Poirier) 2005/06/23 09:37:42 CEST
Big Commit

Apologies in advance for the merging troubles this will cause. :)

Vertex Color Baking:
Writes back the vertex color into an image for the selectd mesh with UV coordinates.
HotKey: Alt-B (I assume Matt will find a better one and can put that in a menu somewhere)
Creates new image next to the original one (on the HD)
New images are named: MeshName.OriginalImage.Extension
Creates images using the file type setup in the render settings
Overwrites silently images with the same name
Supports more than one image per mesh
Removes vertex color after baking (could be changed)
Option to do blur passes or to bleed the color out of the UV islands

Known issues:
The extension is added to the file without removing the old one, so you can get things like: blah.image.png.jpg
There are some rounding errors left, but they happen very rarely

Old demo images (while in WIP) can be found there: http://www.elysiun.com/~theeth/bf/

This means you can: Bake radiosity solutions, Paint a dirt map with vertex paint and bake it back in texture, use the Make VCol trick to bake textures (subdivide a copy, make vcol and bake)

About the code: this code uses its own triangle raster code and blurring code, so could most likely be improved by someone with more experience.

Object listbase sorting:
This is a behind the scene improvement.
Very simple concept: At all time, the listbase for object is always sorted with selected elements as head and unselected as tail.
That enables to cut off pretty much all the loops that dealt on selected or unselected objects only, meaning they only have to loop over parts that interest them.

To do this, a couple of new functions have been added:
selectObject(struct Base *base): Select and object, preserving list order
deselectObject(struct Base *base): Deselect an object, preserving list order
testObjects(void): test if the list has a valid order (accessible through Alt-Shift-O temporarely)
sortObjects(void): Sort the list on load

And a couple of macros in blendef.h to end loops when they should.

WARNING: I had to disable listbase sorting using the depgraph to use this properly. Eventually, the depgraph will be used by itself (Ton said he'd look at it in his two weeks). Using it to sort the base list really give suboptimal results, considering what using the graph directly could do.

BoundBox select on object:
Modified selectprojektie to accept buffers of different size, so in object mode, the buffer adapts to the number of objects (no more Buffer Full errors).
Also made the selection loop much smarter and killed a drawing call (for each object in the loop) that made selecting on large scene really crawl.

Some quaternion math functions that were missing from arithb.c
That pretty much says it all, not very interesting I guess...

joeedh (Joseph Eagar) 2005/07/25 11:22:27 CEST
Fix for hemesh. Proper hooks to the DAG have been added,
and subsurf support has been restored.

although removed #include "render_types.h" from BKE_bad_leve_calls.h,
which was screwing up compiling under make/gcc/msys/win32. Added it
to all necassary files.

Luckily for hemesh, I wrote my own intermediary display structure
implementation, as a temporary measure until zr finishes his refactor.
So his strafing runs didn't do way too much damage :P

broken (Matt Ebb) 2005/07/27 05:00:11 CEST
Toolbar stuff - All actions in the 3D View menus should be
able to be added to the toolbar now (Previously just object
mode and mesh edit mode). Man, that was a lot of copying and pasting!

bjornmose (Jens Ole Wund(bjornmose)) 2005/07/31 20:46:53 CEST
make action channel moving like NLA
Pageup , Pagedown for 1 row up/down
shift + ^^^ move to top / bottom

broken (Matt Ebb) 2005/08/01 02:42:49 CEST
Trying something different since those little axes didn't
work well with manipulators. Now little OpenGL circles are
drawn for selected and active object center points.
Selected = grey, active = white.
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Works pretty well.

Post by jtuttle »

This is SO awesome having the bf-blender 2.38 stuff merged into Tuhopuu :-D

Still a few bugs:
- "Easy Toolbox" doesn't work. Also, the toolbox doesn't list HE Mesh.
- If you press Ctrl-Space, then hit Escape, the "Bake Vertex Colour" menu comes up.

That's all I've found so far. Keep up the good work!

-- J.P.

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Re: Works pretty well.

Post by Bellorum »

jtuttle wrote:Hey--
This is SO awesome having the bf-blender 2.38 stuff merged into Tuhopuu :-D
Yeah. Now, if only someone could compile a windows build for me ;)
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Post by jtuttle »

I could use a Windows build too; I have Blender on my USB key to use at school.

-- J.P.

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One problem...

Post by 89ers »

Hello !

I don't know if it's the right topic to post this, but since the problem i'll talk about is seen either with this build or another, i thought i might post here...

Anyway, i've noticed that the Blender GUI slows down to a crawl and i didn't find why the first time...(talking about waiting sometimes 10 seconds or more for a button to actually activate after pressing it...)

Then, after reinstalling my system (i had found nothing i could do to retrieve the original speed of the GUI, reinstalling Blender, trashing the prefs, try another build, etc, etc...) i got the GUI working at full speed again, until i accidentely double-click on a blender file, which opened, but now the GUI is yet another time awfully slow, and i have no idea what to do to retrieve the original speed, other than reinstalling the system another time...

I have to tell that the speed of the program in itself is still the same (ie the rendering speed...) but that it's the "response" of the GUI that is deficient, as if some open GL routine got broken ? (althought i've had a look at the package itself, and nothing seems to have changed...)

Does anyone actually know what could do this ? Have any solution ? Or even an idea ?

In any case, that would be really cool, because, as it is now, it's totally unusable ! :cry:

Thanks for reading !

Laurent aka Tartiflette :D

PS : My machine specs : PowerBook G4 12" 1,5 Ghz, 512 Mo RAM, 80Go HD, Geforce FX 5200Go 64 Mo...

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Post by Money_YaY! »

shoot me :D But how do you add in the custom menu buttons into the 3d view ? I can't find anything in the menus..

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Post by 89ers »

shoot me But how do you add in the custom menu buttons into the 3d view ? I can't find anything in the menus..
You mean the toolbar ? If that's what you're after, you have to "activate" the toolbar first in the view menu, then add what you want to see in this toolbar by right-clicking on an item in the menus (ie. move along x axis, rotate along y axis local, etc, etc...)

And that's it, you'll have the functions you use the most right under your mouse ! :)

If it wasn't what you meant, then i think that i can't be of any help, sorry ! :? Hope you'll have found some interesting info, though !

Laurent aka Tartiflette :D

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