bf-Blender / Windows (2005/09/06) Bullet + some patch

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bf-Blender / Windows (2005/09/06) Bullet + some patch

Post by lguillaume »

Hello, new compilation, made with python 2.3, I will make with Python 2.4 when official release use it:
- Particle patch : site
- Ashkhmin shader : site
- Fly mode : Campbell Barton
This patch addds in new and better controles for fly mode.

Controles are pronted in the header.
To access Fly mode go to camera view (0Key) and hit Shift+FKey

- Changed xz limit drawing to use same formulas as the limiting in the IK
module -- the previous method could be off pretty far.
- Added drawing of transparent surface for it, instead of just the border.
- Added "stretch IK", allowing bones not only to rotate, but also scale.
The "Stretch" value below the DoF buttons is used to enabled this.

- Some code tweaking: slightly simplified computation of transform for IK,
renamed chain to tree, removed unused pchan->ik_mat, ..

Internal IK module work:
- Do damping per DoF also based on stiffness, hopefully makes it converge
faster with very stiff joints.
- Instead of having two joints types (translational and rotational), now
all 6 DoF's can be enabled for one joint.
- Added limits for translational joints.
Adding back in the "Big Purple Dot" to indicate which edge the non-proportional Edgeslide is using for distance
Auto-Fgon Feature for subdivide

If Fgon is selected in mesh tools panel, In the following cases

Quad - 2 edge Adjacent - Path
Quad - 2 edge Adjacent - Innervert
Quad - 3 edge

'extra' faces are combined to fgons. to make cleaner subdivides. Please give feedback
Bug fix #2972

Copy/Paste bone name buttons crashed, didn't use the callback for buttons
proper yet.

Also added MAXFRAME defines for buttons, instead of hardcoded values 9000
or 18000
Bugfix #2977

Tweaked selection code for Manipulators in 'combo' mode, it gives
preference now to the scale/translate widgets over the rotate arcs. This
enables use of these widgets in ortho top/side views.
Bug fix #2985

Envelope correction for moving bone-points in edit mode didn't reset on ESC
Bug fix #2788

in 3d window, nkey panel, click in middle of number button & press ESC
moved the 3d cursor to that location. The button was passing on its
event to the window event queue, which shouldn't be.
Fix for bug #2974:
Circle select in uv editor crashed when an image was assigned but not loaded.
Saturday morning first cup of coffee hack (yeah, its a late

- fun for the whole family, boolean mesh modifier... doesn't work
with layered modifiers yet (just uses base mesh), although may
god have mercy on your soul if you want to run boolean on a
subsurf anyway
- added displistmesh_add_edges

This exposes a bug in boolean, apparently the output is somehow
random (hash on alloc'd pointer value perhaps) which is sortof

It also makes more apparent the desire for some level of control
over dep graph evaluation during editmode (at the moment dep
graph is reevaluated for a mesh object in editmode, but since
mesh changes are on editmesh other objects don't really see
any change, so it is a wasted recalc).
Fix truetype (freetype2) font loading
Quick added; editmode bone subdivision (Wkey only). Doesn't do mirrored
yet. Need commit so I can access it on the compu in Orange studio :)
If you found bugs go to the the bugtracker

zip format(2.3MB)
7zip format(1.7MB)

7zip (OpenSource) program can be downloaded here
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Post by Bogey »

I found the new fly mode counter intuative in
some cases, such as if want level out from climb,
this causes me to fly backwards while I reorientate
the camera, and visa versa. Also, all forces in the sumo
engine including gravity have ceased to work. I wont
post this to the bug tracker just yet incase it is a known
problem or a compiling error. Other new features are
coming on well. Booleans in blender, another first.


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Post by lguillaume »

Bogey wrote:Also, all forces in the sumo
engine including gravity have ceased to work. I wont
post this to the bug tracker just yet incase it is a known
problem or a compiling error.
The compilation use Bullet Game Engine not Sumo, change the motor engine in the world parameter and try.

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Post by bmud »

I found these new camera fly controls to be not as fun to use, but they are certainly more useful. I'm curious why a WASD plus QE for rotation hasn't been adopted. Oh, that's right.. only some keyboads are qwerty! Perhaps in the future customizable keyboard shortucts will allow us to utilize a true airplane game-esque control scheme?

Sinistar Unleashed (one of the few games I've played with what seems like 100 key comands) worked as follows:

[Yaw] mouse left/right
[Pitch] mouse up/down
[Forward & Backward] W/S
[Strafe left/right] A/D
[Roll] Q/E
[Strafe up/down] Shift W/S

of course, the shift rule could be eliminated if forward/backward were sustituted for +/- on the numpad or the mousewheel or holding the middle mouse button and dragging (as the new version works now)

But hey, the current work is still an improvement. Thanks for putting the control reference in the header!

Bullet is doing just fine. Any word on the logic bricks being able to access it?

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Post by poutsa »

THANKS for this Build Iguillaume!
I also found these new camera fly controls to be not as fun to use!!!!

Vassilios Boucer

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Post by Doogs »

so far bullet physics are working great... i had one box spinning out of control not sure why yet ;)


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Post by jm »

set.Position() in bullet engine doesn't work.

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Post by Bagration »

I can't access the bug tracker, so would someone please file this bugreport for me?

IK works incorrectly when parenting bones to each other
Category: Animation system
Group: Current CVS version
Try moving the ik solver or root bone in this blend in Pose-mode. Also press Esc during a bone Grab; bones aren't put back in their original position.
Made with bf-blender 06-09-2005 ... rror.blend

edit:/ Never mind, I can log in now.
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Post by Sutabi »

Maybe its just me, but seems like you no longer are able to import modules locally form the directory of your .blends.

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Post by harrisonyu »

I found a bug and posted it to bugtracker.but I new to I also post a copy here:
Crash when using dupliverts and patched particle system

Follow these step would crashed.
1.In layer "a",add particle effect to an object with child,than make the "dupliverts" button on.
2.Switch to layer "b" and save file.
3.Exit blender and open it again,open the saved file.
4.Switch to layer "a",it would crashed.

BTW:I quite like the new function from the patched particle system,so hope you keep working on it,THANKS!!!

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