Point & Click Adventure?????

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Point & Click Adventure?????

Post by pastranadigital »

I want to know the opinion of Blender users about my needs to create an Point & Click Adventure game like "MYST"

1. I want to have an 800x600 pixels quicktime videos (film or 3d previously rendered)
with overlayed 3d animated objects (done in newtek's Lightwave 3d)
on top (applying alpha channel to integrate them seamless
to the background quicktime)

This objects can be "PUZZLES" with hospots to get
and send user actions to other Movs, Scenes, cards, trigger Specigic soudns/Music, etc.
or objects to be moved to certain specific places.

2. Save variable data and globals to keep game progress
& inventory And be able to SAVE & RESTORE game historic data.

3. Use of Quicktime VR's with hotspots to link to other VR'S or Movs/Cards

4. Can I create both MAC & Windows runtimes
from the MAC only Version or Do I need to buy both versions?

5. It's possible to "run" LiveStage (Totallyhip) quicktime movs with it's interactivity? Also AXEL media (www.mindavenue.com)
Please let me know about this!

6. Communication with web hhtp? trigger http addresses/data? (download objects or data from an ftp address)

7.It's possible to get Quicktime data from movies like which frame has been played
(ej. If I "move" a wheel to open a door by clicking over the wheel movie I want
to know and program via script what the user has done in order to send more message sto other movs and "ope" the door movie)

8. It's possible to have background objects acroos all cards?

9. Can I create a final Runtime game icon with all media integrated and not visible in the CD/DVD?

Training in US (dvd,s / training centers?)

Sorry for all the questions!!

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Post by Sutabi »

um.... You can do all of that if you program it into the source ^_-. But yeah, you would be best off looking into another game engine.

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Post by Naic »

Others will be better qualified to answer the other questions, and I think you might be better off with another engine, but
4. Can I create both MAC & Windows runtimes
from the MAC only Version or Do I need to buy both versions?
Blender is free! No need to buy at all!


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Post by jesterKing »

(But buying stuff from the e-shop is always a great way to support Blender ;) )


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Re: Point & Click Adventure?????

Post by joeri »

What are you talking about???
pastranadigital wrote:I want to know the opinion of Blender users about my needs to create an Point & Click Adventure game like "MYST"
1. No

2. No

3. No

4. No

5. No

6. No

7. No

8. No

9. No

Training in US: No
pastranadigital wrote:Sorry for all the questions!!
That's okay but you've got the wrong program.

What you can do is ditch lightwave and use blender to create all your 3d scenes. But you will need macromedia director to create your game.
Keep in mind that this would also need some programming (in the language lingo). An alternative would be flash8. That can do video, and qtvr (with some plugins) but that also would need programming to do the puzzle/ save&load stuff.

Or,... do it all with realtime 3d, but then you would also be in alot of trouble, 'cause this will not be able with click&play but only with model&type(script language python).

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Post by oin »

just not being able to do it all, but the mixed use of Blender and Wintermute engine could very well fit your needs.You need to master bothe softwares, though, and have some ability to program a bit.Though helped a lot by a very friendly environment that Wintermute graphic adventure engine gives.

there's a *.3ds plugin, adapated for wintermute engine. You'll find digging its forums, or the elysiun forums at python & plugins section of the forum.
This plugins help exporting cameras, lights, scenery to th ewintermute engine, though it takes the render for showing, but the lights and camera for real time 3d stuff.

Quite an interesting software to use with Blender.

It wont be easy, all this, though. But doable.

But all you wont, specially # 4, is surely non doable. Yet though, a very good choice for a general 3d third person adventure...Probably for a first person one, too.


Hope it helps.

edit - hey, and they recently added a milkshape model loading, even animated. The sample is a 3d model, displayed in real time (surely u can access by code to the bones) , is just that seems the existing milkshape3d plugin from sVenom yet doesn't fully work in what is animation.Or maybe it does. But ppl there could not make it work..
Give it a try.

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