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Blender conference videos.

Post by joeri »

I'm closing down bc05 taping activities today.

Still to upload are
Blender & Architecture Session from Wybren van Keulen (thanks Wybren)
Suzanne Award Ceremony
Blender & Architecture Session by Riccardo Covino

be careful to visit the
page and not the ... 714.0.html
page (maybe bart can help me out here?)

Thanks all speakers for their interesting talks, I enjoyed this years conference very much. My excuses to the speakers who's talk I didn't put online (specialy Paul Gregory, Aqsis and Crystalspace ). The audio was taped to bad to put your presentation online.

See you next year.

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Post by rcas »

Portugal is PT and no PO, but I leave for next year ;) .
It is spread all over the place and I forgot to mention it earlier.

Nevertheless thanks Joeri, its quite nice.
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Post by kakapo »

is paul grimm a ton doppelgänger? :)

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Post by Oso »


Thank you again for making these videos available. As someone who could not attend the conference this year, having the videos has been the next best thing to being there. Excellent job! Greatly appreciated!

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