bf-blender / Windows 2.40 RC1 (2005/11/28) RC BUILD

User-contributed CVS development builds. Please test and give feedback!

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Post by Yfkar »

DanielSefton wrote:When moving UV's, it doesn't update it live.
Daniel, you just have to press the lock button in the UV window to make it update the texture in real time.

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Post by MikeMLP »

jason s. wrote:
LetterRip wrote:
They are still there but they are 'unified' now. Alt RMB will select a vertex/edge/face loop based on whether you are in vert/edge/face mode.

I think this "mode" needs to be more clear. The best thing would be to have a light color change on the loop when hovering over it with Alt held down.
I have actually become quite used to this method of selection. Although I agree that it seems to be a step back from where it was, as far as clarity goes (you used to be able to see what you were going to get before you actually cllicked), it is much faster than the old method. I don't think anyone could argue that the loop cut system seems as complete as it did previously. New features are great, but the info bar is... lacking info... and the snap system is messed up in comparison. Also I'm sure it would be useful if the N-key allowed for exact percentage input while in loop cut mode, but since the current range is from -1.000000 - 1.000000 percent (whatever that means) I would have a hard time translating that into normal percentages which go from 0-100%. It could be done, but... why? And why do we need six decimal points of accuracy? in grab mode, four decimal places are quite enough...
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Post by dgebel »

ARG! The new loop select stuff is hrmph. Its kinda slick but eh...

I finally figured out that to select a "loop" you have to be right close to the edge you want to... I donno how to explain. I couldn't figure out what direction the selection would go, it was always horizontal. At least it seems more accurat at selecting than the old way, but I really really miss the selection preview.

Second, is this a bug? (Documenting it won't make it a feature for me!)

If you subdived mr cube a couple of times, then select the very edge loop, say the top - it only does ONE edge, not the entire loop. It works in face mode but not vertex or line.

The other thing is, didn't cut & paste get implemented?
... oh... only in the text editor. Phooey.
The Blender file loader box is definitely sub-standard in functionality. I don't know how many times I've had to look in Windows Explorer for the file, and then wanted to just cut & paste the file path into Blender so I could grab the file quickly.

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Buttons going away

Post by Elcrapocrew_2 »

When I try to define a rotational limit to an axis for a bone the button goes away and I cannot get it to come back, this really sucks and I know I am not the only person having this problem. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE FIX! :cry: :cry: :cry:
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Post by Doc_Holiday »

There are still a Bug with the TicRates. Physics TicRate seems to cumber Collision Sensors, IPO's and Actions. I hope this can be handled till Release.
Tanks, Doc

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Post by l_415 »

when I select Bullet physics in the game engine, force and torque does't work.

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UNDO system

Post by cjacob_7 »

I really dont know why, but the undo system is really really slow. With 2.37 I used undo very liberally, and now.. well... I have to wait almost a full 3 minutes before it finishes. My friend has the same problem so its not just me. I dont know if anyone else noticed it, i was working on animating and IK chains to synch to audio... any tips?

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Post by bmud »

Great response so far, everyone.

In regards to the face Loop selection stuff: I liked using both the [alt]+[rmb] method, and I probably used it the most during 2.37 days. The other method I didn't find necessary unless I was working with a very complicated mesh and I didn't want to make a mistake. The yellow previes are very helpful in those situations. As for the new features, it took only a minute to get used to them. Neat.

I also noticed that the torque force isn't used wen the bullet engine is turned on. A real shame since my favorite blender game is torque-based! :D Falling boxes look beautiful though.

Try this out: load up ballercoaster from the older game demo pack an change the engine to bullet. It should crash soon after you press P. Not too suprising when it's such a dated file, but the logic brick system hasn't been changed from 2.37, so I was hoping for it to at least run.

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Post by aligorith »


I've just noticed several changes which I'm not sure whether they are intended features:

1) In a build from CVS on 17Nov2005, the mirror modifier displayed vertices on the 'mirrored' side of the mesh when 'enable cage display in edit-mode' was enabled. In this build, this doesn't happen.

2) The vertical placement of render window seems to have changed, even though the settings are still the same -> too far up


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Post by LeeQid »

For some reason my favourite texture baking script doesn't work anymore:

link: ...
found here: ... =30#275166


2.40 rc

It seems like the texture baker isn't able to move into the uv map positions anymore.

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Post by uncle_angry »

Render - main bug in Blender.

... we can by some means or other build mesh in Blender, miscellaneouses way to create animation but we only cannot do nothing with render
- as he processes the contrasting scene.

Below test of the contrast is shown in Blender 2.33... 2.40RC1Nov.

Lamp Area, dist 75, energy 0.218, gamma 0.5, samples 16. Material wall - color white,ref 1.00, spec 0.0. OSA=5


CPU Pentium 2.4 HT, RAM 512, Geforce Ti4200, WinXP, Forceware 75.90.
[/img] ... rc19es.jpg

It is likely that Blender 2.36 is last, which satisfactorily does this.That are a wild stairs, which come up for Blender 2.37... 2.40RC1Nov
nothing not to correct.

Below test new Samples and Filtering.

[img] ... ing6xv.jpg

As it is seen, tent does this better other filter, but at value 1,5 powerfully blurry picture.

PS. I will go to buy much much tequila and sing much much sad songs...

PPS. Can coders will give the explanation this? After all render - a postlude of our work, often rather difficult and long[/img]

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Post by an »

Hi very nice program this is.

ok i have one little complain. not sure if its a bug or its like that.

while holding down Alt Key
you can not scroll your middle mouse button to zoom in or out.

i use shift+alt+leftClick to pan view and Ctrl+Alt+leftClick to zoom in and out.

these combo. I find it best for modeling since you are using both hand.

most of the time i hold down Alt+leftClick key to rotate viewport. to prepare my next move wich is
alt+shift and while holding down ALT you canot perform middle mouse
scrolling at all.

what you guys think. this does't happen to 2.37 version.

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Post by kisolre »

When you perform a loopcut Ctrl+R as described here it should

If # cuts == 1
Enter Edgeslide on newly cut edge
Confirm Position

If cuts > 1

But if there are some hidden vertices the Edgeslide mode is not entered. This happens even if hidden vertices are not near or part of the loop being cut.

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Wings meshes

Post by Azrael »

Wings' meshes dont import at all.

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Post by digital_me »

Does this build have the new particle stuff in it? Because previous builds haven't. And I like. :)

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