how to saving rendered pictures as videos?

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how to saving rendered pictures as videos?

Post by WildChild »

Hello. I am a amateur 3d artist, and i can make pictures that can be played back as a video in Blender, but i do not know how to save these pictures into a video file like an Mpeg. Any help on this is greatly appreciated.


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Post by lightning »

You can run them back through the blender sequencer:

Press Shift+F8 to open the sequencer
Press Shift+A, and click on images
Select the images (Right-click and drag) and click add

Then, in the render buttons, click "Do sequence" (to render from the sequence editor), and set the output to "Avi" or "Avi codec".

Now, I am assuming you are on windows, in which case you should use Avi Codec and set it to something like mpeg (You might have to download a FourCC codec pack first to install the right codec). However, if you aren't on windows I don't think that there is very much support for Avi Codec. However, I have a feeling that it was recently implemented for linux at least, in which case you could try using a CVS build found at

Once you have the output setup right, just hit "anim" and it will render your image sequence to an avi.
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Post by Creamyyogurt »

If you are on windows this is how it has always worked for me, if you save it as Avi Jpeg and render the video then it should atomatically save it in your tmp folder where it saves a ton of blender stuff. Right now i am on a school computer and it is all weird so i couldn't direct you right now, If you just go into your computer and search around for a while or use the search engine built onto the computer you should find it, afterwards it is helpful to make a shortcut to the tmp folder in your blender folder.
This is how it has always worked for me but i am still sort of a new person with blender to.

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