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Post by yellow.. »

Here's a little more info http://yellowsblog.wordpress.com/ showing why i feel improved DXF import is needed, along with a finished architectural project which required import from CAD DXF files.

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Post by onuca »

The important question is if Autocad will have a OBJ exporter for example in the near future. In that way, the work in the Blender DXF importer could be focused only in the 2D part, the most sensible option IMO.
IMO it is absolutely crucial to have a good DXF 2D importer. Even though, as you say DXF is a kind of an underspecified format it is used throughout most of the software packages in the architectural / mechanical industries to transport drawings between different programmes.

When I started this discussion I never meant to focus on DXF because of AutoCAD. I guess if someone has a full AutoCAD he/she can live without Blender. Anyway I was, and still am, more keen on general support that would allow the users of various 2D CAD software to transfer their drawings into Blender and take them to another level.

I don't really think that hundreds of software developers will switch to OBJ or any other format just because Autodesk does it. At least not any time soon. You have to remember that even though they are the largest company on the CAD market there are other powerful packages ( most of them using DXF as an export/import format ), and the ultimate task would be TO PROVIDE GENERAL SUPPORT FOR 2D CAD DRAWINGS IMPORT FOR EVERYONE.

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Unfortunatelly, nobody accepted the Google Summer of Code "invitation", to develop the DXF import :cry:

Dalai Felinto
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Rio de Janeiro - Brasil

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Alvaro wrote:DXF is pretty dead for 3D content. Anything you want in that regard could be done by the 3DS format, also supported by any CAD package out there. Better a good 3DS importer IMO.

But one of the most important features that this new importer should have is the ability to ignore some parts of a DXF file (innecesary; unsupported; encrypted stuff) without screwing the whole process up.
I think that 3ds does not support 2d drawing --> lines
Try to see...

I agree that error management is basic and skipping unknown section is absolutly necessary.

Nobody will develop Dxf import because other thing are absolutely more funny.
But I have to use intermediate converters to use Blender for architecture. But all the architects here ask the same over and over.
I belive that we have got some reason... :D

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I gave up trying to export AutoCAD files to other programs about 6 years ago because I could rarely get them to export properly into anything (even some other AutoDesk products like 3D Studio VIZ). We've been working with SoftPlan for architecture and SolidWorks for 3D modeling for the past 5 years. We use dxf for SoftPlan with perfect results every time and vrml for SolidWorks with same results. Thankfully these work, because dxf is our only option in SoftPlan and vrml is really our only good option to export from SolidWorks. Back in the 2.3? releases, dxf stopped working for a while (missing faces), but works great again.

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