Edit menu, better preferences, asset browser

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Edit menu, better preferences, asset browser

Post by elander »

I don't know if this has been sugested before but an Edit menu would be very cool.

I sugest these the commands Undo, Redo, Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete, Select All, Select None, Search, Replace, Interactive Blender, Preferences.

Most of these commands will take only a couple of lines of code to implement.

Edit - Menu netween File and Add it could also be called Tools or something.

Undo/Redo - Similar to using Ctrl-Z/Ctrl-Y in the active window.

Cut/Copy/Paste - It would be interesting if Blender used the system clipboard. This way we could exchange info between different applications or between two different.

Select All/Select None - Obvious

Search/Interactive Search - Search would let us select multiple objects in the active window that follow a certain criteria. Interactive mode would let us search one by one and modify the search criteria in the middle of a search.

Replace/Interactive Replace - Replace would let us replace objects or parts of an object like materials, texture, property values, pieces of a mesh by other data or using some sort of mapping.

Preferences - This brings up a tabed floating window with all current preference options.

General Tab buttons:

Reset/Save/Load Preferences - Reset to a default, saves and Loads all preferences from the named preferences file.

Reset/Save/Load UI Layout - Reset to a default, saves and Loads all preferences from the named UI layout file.

Reset/Save/Load Default Scene - Reset to a default, saves and Loads the current scene as the scene to use for new.

View & Controls buttons:
Edit Methods:
Language & Font:
System & OpenGL:
File Paths:

Similar to Blender but in a tab of buttons. Each tab would have a load/save button to load only that tab preferences from a named preferences file.

The Asset browser would be another window/view type that would let the user manage default resource paths and the way those resources are loaded.

Also the asset browser would show all textures and materials used either a Blender file or by disk locations and view them in a palete or thumnail view.

Selecting a texture or a material would bring the texture/material buttons in the buttons window.

If an object is selected in the 3d view we could assign it a material or texture to a material from the Asset browser.

For sounds and musics we could play them in the asset browser to know what we are using.

That it. Being able to see what materials and textures disposed in a thimnail view helps a lot. In the same way when a painter is painting he is constantly looking at the palete of colors he is working with.

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