Is this possible with Blender (generate 3D world...)

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Is this possible with Blender (generate 3D world...)

Post by BlenderK2 »

My apologies in advance for the Newbie question:

-Is it possible to generate 3D worlds in Blender based on flat file input at 'runtime'?

i.e. I have a document (spreadsheet, or text file) that shows relationships between Objects (Object AA has child objects of Object A, B and C). If I want to 'draw' a simple room representing Object AA and connected by a Hallway to rooms for Object A, B and C?

I would like to have Blender read the input file and generate the World without having to hardcoat this in advance. Possible?

Thank you!

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Post by solmax »

not sure if I fully understand what you mean, but it sounds doable. you'll have to implement a python script that reads your data source file and generates objects according to this input. you might wanna check out a recent Python documentation for the Game Engine.


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Post by pildanovak »

blender engine currently doesn't support mesh changes in realtime, but you can generated the world from pre - edited parts, so if you make your rooms and hallways with some "compatible"connections, you can do such thing. I have made a whole landscape generation system a few years ago based on this i blender.

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