Who is heading up Documentation???

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Who is heading up Documentation???

Postby g00fee13 » Mon Oct 14, 2002 3:30 pm

Who is heading up the documentation project?

I'd like to help, since I'm not a coder (at least not C, C++). I do not have the time or knowledge (Currently) to run a project like this but I'd be more than willing to help in any way possible...

(has this already been discussed at elysium?? I need to check)

Let the fun Begin!!! :D

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Postby xitnalta » Wed Oct 16, 2002 1:40 am

There were some people gathering together at the Conference, but there's no committee yet. And yes, it has been discussed on elysiun.com a lot! If you look out for my nickname there, you will find a lot of lengthy (*scroll-scroll-scrolllll*) contributions.

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Postby jeotero » Wed Oct 16, 2002 5:35 am

i can help with a spanish translation or correction.

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Thanks Xitnalta

Postby g00fee13 » Thu Oct 17, 2002 1:54 pm

Thanks for the tip on elysium... I will take a look as soon as I can!!! I hope to be able to help any way I can!!!

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