2.42 release - thankyou

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2.42 release - thankyou

Post by adrian »

Thankyou very much, fantastic stuff!

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Post by joeri »

Looks like a great release.
Thanks guys.

(and thanks Ton, the screen is realy great)

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Post by poutsa »

I also say THANKs again for this Amazing new 2.42 Release!!!

I use Windows XP-Blender Official 242 new version!
Nvdia -GF 2
Pentium 4

some Problems i found in 2.42:Possible Bugs!!

1)When i Bake a Fluid Simulation and see the Result Animation in Display Quality "Final" in "Shaded Mode" in (3D View Window) you see it not OK!!! (you see some Strange Meshes Triangles sometimes!)

2)When i add "Text" and change the Width for the Text and Enter in Edit Mode you canot see the Text anymore...Its Invisible!

3)In the Uv Image Editor -Viewer Node(to see the Rendered Image) if i move the "Composite Preview Window" outside the Rendered Image Blender Crashes!!!

Sorry for not using the Bug Tracker!!



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Post by ysvry »

thx to all who helped making the new build, all those new functions, great.

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Post by studio_stockwell »

Yeah Thanks Ton and the rest of the Blender team. I was really inspired by Elephants Dream. I got a copy of the DVD and the blender shirt. I cant wait to use all the new features and improved ones in 2.42!

Create Something Really Cool.

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Post by thoro »

Thank you very much for this release!

So many improvements - it will take some time to explore them... by the way, the Release Notes are very useful and they look great.



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Post by M@dcow »

I tip my hat to you coders, absolutely top notch stuff! :shock:

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Post by madcello »

Once more i came to say thank you so much to make my life much more productive and enjoyable. I love Blender.

Thank you very much!

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Post by ddRbb »

ati drivers problem is still unresolved

great release !

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Post by Daysleeper »

Wanted to jump on board and say thanks for all the great work done in 2.42 and all previous Blender versions.

It allows me to do work I wouldn't normally be able to do.

Many thanks to all the dedicated coders. :wink:

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Post by mrmonkah »

Hey guys,

Im new to blender and not to familiar with 3D modeling but what can i say without sounding like an ass kisser. Blender is truely stunning, i am still confused as to why it is free. It is easier than the bigger 3D packages, it seems to have better 'official' support and i am grateful for the program. I hope to master modeling and get a job in the games industry, maybe, just maybe blender will be the key!


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