bevel tool ideas

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bevel tool ideas

Post by yomoyomo »

Is it possible to have the bevel tool only bevel a vertex, or edge that you select, rather than the whole mesh itself?

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Post by Caronte »

May be some day a coder take this tool and update it :roll:

In the mean time you have the script "Bevel Center".
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Post by z3r0_d »

and to answer the question further... you can't have a decent bevel without ngons

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Post by joeri »

z3r0_d wrote:and to answer the question further... you can't have a decent bevel without ngons
Aren't ngons triangulated at rendertime?

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Post by coltseaver »

@Joeri: Ngon isn't for the final model, it is just useful during the modeling task, it's a kind of buffer if you want letting you more flexibility.
I mean, when you want to divide a face or to make a hole, you don't want Blender affects directly faces around in adding unwented or bad placed edges, you'll fix your topology yourself, i mean, you make the "beauty" pass yourself :).

eg: Cut an edge an you'll get 2 unwanted tris in the shared face, this is the current behaviour.

The lack of real Ngon is a brake for the addition of new tool but especially for a fluent modeling.

I'm curious to see what are the priorities inside the blender dev'.

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