python in 2.26 working then dead

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python in 2.26 working then dead

Post by lholt » Sun Mar 09, 2003 12:37 am

In blender 2.26 on linux, I loaded 2 tuts from the script list. One makes domes and the other trees. Both worked. Then I loaded a small python script to play with and did something real bad. It all went POOF, soot. No err message. just stopped and gave me my shell back.
Now, neither script works. Can't load python modules math or ramdom. I think I broke something serious. I don't remember what I did, but python seemed to be willing to try to do it. I was trying to read the values of a plane I had in blender and didn't know the right command to use. I didn't guess good, I think.

I've reloaded a new Blendr, killed my .B.blend, and re-installed python 2.2.2. It still don't work. I hate to have to recompile my kernel or something.

Anybody got any ideas about what I might try to fix this?


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