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Media: Guide for Authors

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I am contributing to the wiki User Manual. I have not been able to find any media guidance that's real clear. For example, I have through trial and error found that I can upload Image: .png, .jpg, .gif, and Media: .blend but not .avi.

Animated gifs are kindofapain to create, but effective in displaying animation esp. w.r.t. composition and sequence editing (transition effects). But, they get big real fast. I have tried to post a video tut in Tutorials to no avail (requirement for being a Blender teacher) - cannot upload media avi's. Am I correct? Is this kind of content blocked? Do we have the disk space, or should I post to YouTube or Google Video and rely on them never going away?

Can any of you give me any guidance on how much space each page should take, including graphics? Right now, firefox warns me when my text gets to be >30k, and then I split, but in writing the VSE plugins, I am getting worried about dialup users hitting that page with all the little ani gifs. Should I be? Is there a recommendation about graphics?

Secondly, for video tuts, I think they absolutely should be in the wiki, as I personally am sick of following promising links to 404 pages. But, without being able to upload an avi, I am stuck to html (static) tuts. Help? ty
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