Blender with Globus (Grid ) support

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Blender with Globus (Grid ) support

Post by chc79 » Thu Mar 20, 2003 6:38 pm

Dear all,

I like Blender very much as it's the smallest modeller I ever find :wink: and I would like to suggest some improvement...

Have you guys heard b4 Grid Computing ? It's quite a powerfull tools and I think Blender can benefits from it. Imagine hooking up more computers to do rendering in Blender.

I also would like to volunteer to code the intergration of Globus with Blender. Appreciate if you guys can help me out in reading the source code ...

Do tell what you guys think ....

Hong Cheng

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Post by Hos » Wed Apr 02, 2003 1:36 am

Hi Hong Cheng,

I work in the field of high performance computing
and at our university we are just starting up a
fairly substantial grid project (called WestGrid)
that will involve several other universities in our
part of the world. 'The Grid' is a *huge* buzz word
at work these days.

While I haven't looked too closely at the Globus
toolkit yet, I think this would be an extrememly
cool solution for turning blender into a distributed
render farm, so I would be willing to try to
support you in this endeavour as much as I can.
(Although I must confess that I am spread a
little thin right now, time wise). Feel free to
mail me if you need help!

mail: cwant at ualberta dot ca

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