Does the Game Engine handle dLoc, dRot, and/or dSize IPOs

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Does the Game Engine handle dLoc, dRot, and/or dSize IPOs

Post by mdd2mdd2 » Thu Apr 10, 2003 2:00 pm

Sorry about not having a body initially, i just had a brain lapse or something...
...I was trying to access a dLoc, dRot, and dSize IPO after starting a game, by attaching an IPOActuator to an object, connected to an "AND" controller, connected to a "Keyboard" Sensor. But it didn't work at all. Then I asked around a bit and found out that it would be better to access an animation using "Actions" of "IKA" animations. So I tried that and it seemed to work fine. I thank everyone for their speedy reply, I appreciate the support especially for a newbie Game Designer/Programmer.
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Post by z3r0_d » Fri Apr 11, 2003 5:41 am

A post with a body can be nice.

as a response:
I don't think it does.

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