Yo Frankie Blender Improvement Merging, and Ogre3D question

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Yo Frankie Blender Improvement Merging, and Ogre3D question

Post by Yfrwlf » Fri Aug 15, 2008 7:10 pm

First, both Crystal Space and Ogre3D have good (and bad) things about them, so I was wondering if there was much interest in making an Ogre3D plugin for Blender so you could quickly run your creations inside that as well as Crystal Space? Right now, it may not matter, and until it does there may be no reason to care, but if one starts to support more features than the other, it may become increasingly important as certain changes/effects won't be seen by the creator. If Blender uses a good plugin system for game engines, doing so at some point would hopefully be pretty simple.

Secondly, does anyone know when the improvements to the "game engine" portions of Blender that the Yo Frankie developers have made will be merged into the mainline Blender release? I was wondering if it would make it for the 2.47 release or if it would have to wait until 2.48.

Thanks. ^^

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