Anyone know why we have this silly limitation in Blender?

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Rise from yer grave! (well, it's not that old yet)

So this is the reason why Blender can't load some DirectX models. The Blender itself doesn't support more that 16 materials. Good grief...
Someone might have seen this "list can't have more than 16 materials" error when importing DirectX model fails, it's caused by this limitation.

I hacked so it ignores materials whose id is larger than 16, so now I can actually load models - though their material data is partially gone. Annoying...

Here's the hack if someone is interested:

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	def loadMeshMaterials(self, nr_fc_mat, mesh):
		for face in mesh.faces:
			nr_fc_mat += 1
			line = self.lines[nr_fc_mat]
			fixed_line = self.CleanLine(line)
			wrd = fixed_line.split()
			mat_idx = int(wrd[0])
			# Ignore material with illegal index
			if (mat_idx>=15) :
				print "Ignoring material: ",mat_idx
			face.mat = mat_idx
Is there any possibilities to actually get rid of this silly limitation?

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Post by stiv »

Is there any possibilities to actually get rid of this silly limitation?
Feel free to submit a patch. No, I'm not being snarky. Features get added when someone cares enough about it to do the work. Right now the development team has bigger fish to fry.

And try not to use the word 'siily'. It makes you appear ignorant.

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