2.5 suggestions (big rewrite 1) (build 878_23406)

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2.5 suggestions (big rewrite 1) (build 878_23406)

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I've moved this thread to here
http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthr ... ost1474346

I edit these now and then. For reference I'm lead programmer (but do art also) on
screenshots - http://www.ogre3d.org/forums/viewtopic. ... 8f2f3e0dd9

* On first run open a layout/keys config selector with blender/max/maya/xsi keys/layout setup. This would really help people transition.

* Decrease the tooltip popup time (prefs option at least)

* When browsing, keep expanded. Or set 'Open on mouseover' to default

* Check boxes shouldn't close menu. eg the sculpt menu closes everytime I click a checkbox. Or middle mouse to toggle and keep open.

* Unfolding/folding
- If you unfold a menu and it extends below the screen, scroll the menu panel up. eg In 'world' mode open the 'stamp' pulldown. Imagine it smoothly scrolling up to show the contents.
- The inverse is true too. When closing something, if it makes a blank space under it, scroll the whole pane down.

* "Open on mouse over" is great (good default I think)
- Make it work for everything eg 'mode' menu, tab pulldowns.
- Default the time delay to 1 or 2. Allow it to go lower.

* X/Y/Z keys
- Toggle each axis separately. Holding shift is awkward and hidden.
- Option to make them temporary and not a toggle (personal preference, add a prefs option)

* Don't make user select object first.
- eg Now for fine movement you drag the object and THEN hold shift. This should also work if shift is held first, THEN the user starts dragging the object.
- This effects lots of things in blender (like ctrl snap).
- For multi selecting, do action on mouse UP to allow these immediate drag modes. Also don't unselect a group when dragging.

* Shift D while dragging an object.
- eg placing many +trees quickly
- Shift+drag also. It's a good standard. Less clicks.

* Middle mouse rotate
- Remove roll by default. Roll isn't needed most of the time so make it a modifer key or toggle mode in prefs.

* Shift pan/Ctrl zoom
- Make temporary modifier. When let go immediately revert to normal middle mouse pan mode. Don't force user to reclick middle mouse

More advanced stuff
* First person camera tilt and movement mode. Very very handy.

* Have a collision mode/key.
- Ie when dragging objects raycast/collide with other objects (optionally align to hit objects plane). eg trees on ground

* In physics tab have a quick way to make an object physical/static so you can drop it. eg For simple, natural alignment of objects in an environment.

* Shortcut helper
- Display in the corner of the viewport useful keyboard shortcuts for the context you're in.
- This could be a 'learning mode' toggle in the help menu.
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* Left align values when truncated
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Post by Vectrex »

* Manipulation tool. Disable selecting an axis if it is nearly pointing towards or away from the screen. This is especially troublesome in iso viewports 4 pane viewports.
- 2 axis plane selector? I find I use them almost exclusively when available.

* middle mouse on 2 button devices like trackpad? Seems left-select disables the middle button emulation.

* Extruding. Pressing e WHILE extruding could place the current and start another extrude. Less clicks

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Post by Vectrex »

* 3d cursor placement. Raycast into the scene.

* Multi object edit mode. When multiple objects are selected, allow edit mode to effect them all (Same with groups)

* Allow viewport manipulation in edit mode with left button select mode. This can be done by changing all multi selection modes to activate on mouse UP. Therefore freeing mouse drag for standard viewport control.

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