Bringing up a retarted question from the past

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Bringing up a retarted question from the past

Post by Tlousky » Tue Dec 01, 2009 3:57 pm

From a brief search, I discovered that quite a few years ago, an issue which also came to my mind was raised and discussed. I think that now, some 5 years later, it's a good time to bring it up again.

What I'm talking about is support for Perl as another scripting lanauge, alongside Python, and the 2004 message I'm referring to is this:

So, the main points are:
- Perl has many great benefits. It's a mature, stable, highly portable, and extremely capable scripting language. It has a great object oriented system (Moose), and some extensive modules which could be useful for 3D and games programming ( for instance: PDL, SDL ).

- Perl has a huge community, which publishes dozens of new modules on a daily basis. CPAN, the module repository, now has almost 17k modules, many of which are graphics and 3D oriented and can be useful for Blender scripts.
If Blender will support Perl scripting, you can count on a healthy and frequent contribution of new modules and plug-ins.

- Perl is the preferrable scripting lanauge for bio-informatics, and a combination with Blender can make an ideal suite for bio-informatics research, simulation and imaging.

On a more personal note: I'm a happy Perl programmer, as well as a very happy newbie Blender user. I have the motivation to write and publish scripts for Blender, but currently I'll have to learn Python to do that. :shock:

I don't know if the new 2.5 version of Blender has a new generalized API which could be used for scripting in languages other than Python, but I think it could be a really cool if the next stable release or future releases will also support Perl scripting.

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